Sina pesa

:D:DLack of money can make you hate yourself and your ego is goes below sea level. Don’t speak about elections, by this time your electricity is way off… You are like a walking banana stem:D:Do_Oo_O


When am broke I fe so moody

uliball ka prince of dubai december najua. all avenues za kuloan are exhausted. brace yourself… le njanuary is not over yet

chasing things out of your reach will make you broke, start appreciating what you have and what’s in front of you so you can truly feel rich and contempt with life

Yes we feel bad when broke and that is why we all need to put away some little cash throughout the year. For a rainy day. And lead a frugal life. Do not buy what you do not need.

No loaning,

Ukitusafisha macho na malaya hapa ulikuwa unaimba hivi kweli? Rudi SJ uwapelekee malalamishi yako

When you are broke, you break.

Ni kukosa kujipanga. Mimi 9k salo imeniskuma Njaanuary visuuuuuuri sana.

Ngai,pia wewe… Nauza Mazda cx5 Kuja na 1.8m…ni kcv, diseol

Kusota is shiiit…hata mjulus haisimami

Business Opportunity

Teach financial mastery

Join MGTOW they solve all problems

Chair lady Karogi ako wapi achukue huyu.

How’s the consumption?

Why do you believe that Kobe is a rapist?

A broke man should never talk politics or be allowed near a naked woman

Nitumie notes… Priss

If you have some assets then this is only temporary. Wale without assets ndio wako pabaya

Can’t relate, I don’t celebrate nonsense therefore January & May have the same amount of days for me.
Same budget, same month.

Merry Christmas ni wewe na watu wenu!