Simple question to all professed "bangers"

  1. What do you gain by banging someone’s wife really? Whether you are married or not. I have had that opportunity but could not let myself get there for honor of the sanctity of marriage
  2. Ladies, why do we have to pay for sex?

No.2-There is nothing like free pussy. Hiyo ingine utajibiwa on a short while.

hakuna coomer ya bure…you have to put in some effort, iyo ata dogi inajua



Question 1…I have never known the reason as to why a full grown man would chase someone’s wife especially one who has a lose pussy after giving birth yet…we have lots of single college girls with a tight pussy running all around. I mean the whole male species derives pleasure from the grip of the vagina right? The tighter the grip the sweeter the pussy. Then why do I have to leave my wife at home who has bore me 2 children and chase another one whose pussy is slippery from the cum of another man who woke up between her legs?
Another thing as a man never fuck down. Always fuck up. Its not science its written. How do you fuck a woman uglier than your wife? At least cheat with something worth the risk. sio kuacha manyanga kwa nyumba ukatombe wanguura yenye center bolt ilitupa 20 years ago.
Remember if you cheat and you get caught your wife should ask " sasa sweetie mbona unanifanyia hivyo" meaning anaona kitu ulichapa ninpoa kumshinda. Lakini akikuuliza " Sasa nini sikupeangi ndio ukaenda kwa huyo?"…hapo hata bibi yako anaona huna taste ulitomba gunia.
Ni hayo tu!


@Theuri wa kigogoine still waiting for answer kwa inbox

You fuck dogs too? Wow! Kumbe tuko wengi!:smiley:


I’ve never slept with anyone’s wife,i dont plan to,karma anaeza kua na za ovyo at times. I do however understand that those who do so its just about the thrill of it,hitting and getting away with it.

  1. the biggest reason men f*ck married women is convenience, hakuna mabembelezano mingi juu mwanaume hukuta someone who is too willing to dish out…mostly coz she’s unhappy at home…esteem issues…

if you marry a loose woman she will never be straight…atapeana tu at earliest opportunity…

men like easy pussy…its just about bursting a nut after all…


Sasa hii ni example gani?

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speak for yourself

why do men like chasing and not being chased after by women whom I think are willing to offer easy sex?

It’s the thrill but siku ile utapatikana ndio utajua “makosa imefanyika” Remember the dude on TV who was caught by the husband sometime back… ile kichapo alipata hata si cha mbwa


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that was funny

what’s wrong with you? did i say i was speaking on your behalf? i only gave my opinion on men.

I am a man


  1. Ladies, why do we have to pay for sex
    :eek::eek::eek: are you a shemale mblo! anyway sanctity of marriage institution was thrown out of the window ages ago if in doubt chungulia simu ya bibi au bwana yako uone vituko…

:D:D:D:D:D:D nilikuwa nataka kusema nya…ama wacha tu

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I don’t fuck married women because I don’t want to the reason some nigger’s marriage breaks down, Lord knows its hard enough convincing a woman you are the right guy for her, and I ain’t pissing on another man’s effort.