Simps wanachoma sana social media


What about a guy who spends his resources on these BS ?

Same whatsapp group


So what do you guys suggest? That we start walking around blind or something? Whatsapp statuses are in public domain and as long as niggas out here be simping, it’s the responsibility of real niggas to call them out and make examples outta their douchebaggery

It’s your responsibility to mind your fucking business you little cunt.
Why would you be following up on what a fellow man is doing? Are you gay or something?

Not necessarily, we can practice apathy to their douchebaggery and petition @Ssess to sanitize the village

Why so insensitive Mr.? You wanna cry now?

Macho hayana pasia, but then, a fine gentleman will ignore it, the same way you ignore a childs farts. Ama mtoto akinyamba huwa unaenda kupiga hio story pale local pub.

First of all the word you were looking for is sensitive you moron.
Secondly I’m not sensitive. As a man one is supposed to mind his business, hiyo kazi ya kutoa maneno from one side kupeleka the other side achia wamama na ma malaya not unless you fall in one of those categories




I support this

Wewe ni mbwa msee. Enda lilia mamako malaya hii. Tutadiscuss chenye tunataka na wakati tunataka. It’s an open forum. Feelings deposit kwa ikusde ya shoshte yako.


Iyo ndo imejaa kwa kichwa ya mshienzi @njoti

Are you minding your own business commenting on this thread?

So Vulgar…Ulifika class gani mzae

Na yako pia…Hakuna kitu