Simp Gets Rejected After Kneeling Down To Propose

Looking at the body language, that woman is mad at the guy for some reason. Or maybe she’s not into him.

The simp thinks that if he gives her flowers and goes down on his knees to propose, everything will be okay.

Pathetic! Women never entertain weakness from a man.

Watu huwa wanatoa wapi nguvu ya kupiga magoti mbele ya watu?


  • pia girls think it’s corny proposing on valentines. Ni ka kupropose on someone’s birthday it’s taking away the specialness of the day.
    Aside from that hizi public proposals who are you doing them for? Movies imedanganya men sana. Oh be nice sweet romantic this and that and she’ll want to be with you. Doesn’t work that way


The chick has a beer belly :D. The guy is @Weyn proposing to his beloved transsexual homosexual @PHARMACY

Yaani jamaa ananyenyekea mwanamke with his hands behind and swinging his body like a 16year virgin…kumbafu ya mwanaume

Proposal ya mwaume ni kuweka mimba.Lakini iyo kitu ni kiatu

Jeans and a t-shirt…he should be ashamed

The lady must have left wondering how to convince the other guy this proposing mf was just a friend and it was nothing serious :D:D

She did him so wrong.

Such men ndio wanafanya hii ujinga :smiley:


It’s very disrespectful. Why not just say yes, and whisper to him we will talk at home. Spare him embarrassent. If a woman really likes you, she won’t let you get embarrassed.

We also gangbang your shenzi father , he likes deep throats

Huyo dem mateetee imeanguka Kama ya mama ya @BaldCoomer [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]coomerniner

Huyo aende ajinyonge tuu bila kusumbua

Bro the lady has a real ninja that drills her. She is now more worried on how she is going to convince the ninja that whatever happened here with this soy boy was just a “prank”

Sissies everywhere. Wanaume tunajiangusha sana.

Siwezi propose kama sijaingia mkia

Hii ni upuss ya hali ya juu,why waste time and money to do all this shit

That’s why I always say am the prize can’t n will never entertain a woman… Mimi hata nikose kusema tu sorry never akitaka kuenda ataenda tu as a man always have options

Why do i feel hii iko scripted…once the roses were on the ground she knew what was up… she should have just walked away… :cool: