Similarities between trump and raila

have you noticed that the 2 are very similar in their style. for example:
[li]-trump campaign right from the beginning have been about us (right wing whites) vs them (all minorities and non rightwing whites) - raila campaign have always been about 41vs 1 then 40vs 2 etc.[/li][/ol]
2 now that trump is almost sure to lose, he has started barking about rigging. where have we had that before… oh yes our very own choir master raila.

  1. trump is always shouting about how corrupt hillary is. and yes she probably is. but you just have to read about trump casinos and other business to learn just how corrupt trump is.
  • raila is always talking about how certain individuals are corrupt. forgetting that with as little power as he claims to have had during the nusu mkeka disaster, he was involved in so many scandals including kkv, maize scandal, triton, immigration (sale of ids to somalis), lands ( sale of public lands at coast) etc. and lets not forget mollasses, kq cargo, mumias and many many more. of trumps cornerstone has been criticism of outsourcing of jobs to china, mexico, etc and dependance on foreign goods and people. turns out he uses chinese materials rather than american in his constructions which are filled with underpaid foreign workers. this hypocrissy reminds me of our very own kenyan drumpf.

  1. trump has been inciting his followers who are mostly poor uneducated whites to bring fracas if he dose not win the elections citing unproven rigging. it is like he has been reading a script written by raila who is has been more than willing to sacrifice and has sacrificed his minions with his wild claims.

Operation Sindikiza RAO nyumbani iko on track

Drama Queen wewe na spear nani blogger 01?

@ranny would it be safe to say then that Trumb wiro nefa mbe prisident?


Aviator unasumbua.

Point 6. Babuon will never be President and they are both intellectually challenged.

your comparisons is just too ambiguous… irrelevant

The only good thing the Americans have is they will withstand his nonsense and belligerence for only this election. After that the Republican party will rebuild and front another candidate in 2020.Here we are not so lucky until ‘God decides to place a call to him’.

Laila will never die
Meffi wewe

@ranny ukinipanulia hio coomer yako i will just put a maize cob in it…stewpid mungikiress

Why the loud silence @Jakoyo
Hebu toa maoni

How timely. Lets dig into this similarities further.

  1. Trump, like Raila, is the only one brave enough to stand up to the establishment, who control every aspect of a nation. Trump has brought out the evil machinations of Killary to the public, despite the bias of the mainstream media. Wikileaks is your best friend on this one. Raila has raised alarm on all matter of filth perpetrated by the governments (regimes past and present). He talked about mercenaries (Artur bros) and everyone was saying he’s just playing politics. He paid the political price of raising alarm over the mutilation of Mau forest (a water tower our country sorely relies upon), he was labelled anti Kalenjin. Fast forward, NYS saga, Eurobond, etc. Never has he not been vindicated, but nooooo, Raira wir nefa be prisident!
  2. Trump and Raila are both darlings of the masses. They command legions of supporters. They connect with people. They are agenda setters. Look at the IEBC, EUROBOND, MURANGA WATER TUNNEL, etc, he sneezes, the country catches a cold
  3. Hillary supporters, just like the Kibaki/Kamwana supporters are always willing to ignore glaring facts against their supposed heroes and their clarion call is that those pointing out these evils are uneducated, idlers, uncircumcized, etc. They have these illusions of grandeur yet they suffer the same fate as the rest of the opressed. e.g. high taxes poor infrastructure, poor healthcare, etc.
  4. The regime in power (both in Kenya and abroad) have a way of silencing the whistle blowers. Julian Assange(Wikileaks, Check what happened to him and his internet connection yesterday) and closer home check what happened to Jacob Juma after revealing damning info.

So yeah, keep trumping the Trump/Raila similarities to drive your warped reality home.


wacha ku compare our former PM to that moron priiis priss

what is it with kikuyu accent?

Now that you are supporting Hillary makes Trump a moron. And when those with Hillary tendencies (arap mashamba et al) do the same thing and Raila exposes them he is a darling and a hero PM. The ironies of life.

i just wish railalites would argue facts not result to insults and posting campaign pictures. that reminds me:
6. both have fanatical followers who results to insults as they are too intellectually challenged to carry out an intelligent argument. for trumpets it is- liberal retards, for railets it is munguki, okuyu and threats of sexual molestation and the go back to the kitchen typical misogynistic fall back typical of persons with certain deficiencies. reminds me of trump’s pussygate scandal

@ranny have you ever been grabbed by the pussy?