Simba Arati

Simba wa kisii amesema halipi contractors 1.2bn.Amesema waende wakakufe!
Can’t pay,won’t pay!

A one term governor better angebaki Nairobi

You mean dude had already dished out 1.2b tenders?

Doesn’t matter, he will be set for generations…isn’t that the biggest motivator?

No. He was already stinky rich as a two term MP and former kanjura and money is not the biggest motivator to a guy like him.

Even dollar billionaires have non monetary ambitions and if they don’t achieve their goals , they feel dejected and see themselves as failures.

True, dude is rich…I was shocked to learn that during his second campaign for MP…how did he make such money in a very short space of time? Fact is he’s only going to become wealthy now that hes a governor. But trust me, there is a dearth of young, energetic, smart and moneyed politicians in the wider Western part of the country…traits that always favour those who go for elective seats in those parts of the country. I honestly don’t see the likes of Arati easily fading away politically. The alternatives are moneyed but old and tired

Unataka alipe kina Ongwae for work not done?
Fuccck Ongwae. See the toad had to go for CAS position so that he gets away with his shitstuff