Sim unlock and Fix

Service I provide…

unlock any Phone/Iphone/Modem locked To any Network Worldwide…

Iphone (Not icloud)
Huawei …

Unlock Duration takes From 30-min to 2 days maximum…

price ranges from As little as 2000ksh

and Maximum

5k depending on the Network the device is locked to…

I also check blacklist/network status :white_check_mark:e.t.c

Inbox 0713180210 or call 0731910978 for Deal…

nb: february offer i unlock any iphone network locked @3500/-
hata kama ni iphone X…

Referral/Affiliate program:

bring 2 customers If deal goes through You get A commission of 1000ksh.

In Greek we call this “ungumania”.

Hiyo ya iPhone una unlock carrier na max 2 days na ksh 3500 kweli??

I see you stopped referring people and started doing it yourself…

sigwes krick , meffi

Yes… 3500/- Its an offer nimeeka but huwa si hyo bei i always look at the carrier ndio nitoe price tag… but for this february any Ipone at 3500/- maximum 2 days or less…

Ave always been doing this…

and. i Call it Keti palee ukisubiri miguna miguna…

I have an old infinishit I would like to unlock. I forgot my personal security pin . Can you do it?

Yes. Inbox me.

I had to double check if I am on OLX,Pigia e or facebook ads ndio nikaona klist ooh sorry ktalk

:smiley: isorite.



am listening endeleeni

Do u offer services like locking a woman to a specific man

Hyo pia iko… i can also lock your dick To samantha… At 50 bob only hautaki hyo…

Galaxy S6edge locked to T-Mobile ni how much?