I wish to trade in a silver ring in my possession, weighs 10grams. Any leads to where I can find merchants dealing in legit silver please?
Also, what are the Eastleigh gold and silver dealers like from experience, are their silver rings legit?

Unauza pesa ngapi, wacha mambo ya trade in

its worth like 500 bob.
metals like these were precious last when KOOME NJUE was bringing miiru people to sack carthage.

Not sure about silver but the last time I transacted such biz was in 2005, sold some gold chain to some muhindi shop pale Stanley Hotel building, am sure they are still there. Got a very good deal but the scrutiny ni too much, usikae mtu hivi hivi otherwise hawatachukua

Kuuza nayo siuzi, I’m more interested in an exchange or trade in


Is the scrutiny on outward appearance only or is it followed up with interogative questions?
I might check out the place. For silver though, I doubt it’s worth much if I was to sell it, reason why I am considering an exchange of sorts


I see what you did there, relax! :smiley: Hakuna mtu anawekwa drip hospitali

.925 Sterling silver is the best preferred silver at around sh120 per gram…but bila mbisha inabaki hekaya tu.

In that case jamaa aniuzie hiyo mali kapa na akanyange kubwa kubwa, simple.

:smiley: ama ni colleague wa jontez addi gaza

Upload a good photo , the craftsmanship will determine the price, a gram is 250 right now

Trade in sahau. If it had a semi precious stone labda but silver huku kanairo ni kama kutaka kuuza sufuria tu

lakini amekuwa treated and discharged…:smiley: