Sikuona hii

normal dressin, y tha fuss?

Mpgs are always horny…

With all the problems the country is going through… can these pigs discuss things that will actually help wananchi…

These guys are full of bullsheit.

If a man banged a woman like Victoria Kimani, he would tell all his friends about it it, even if she just lay there and looked at the ceiling the whole time. But if he banged a woman who looks like Ngolo Kante, he would take that secret to the grave even if she rode him so spectacularly like she was Zorro and he was a horse

Why bang a Kanté look-alike though?

Ferk this idiots …when will referendum happen to kick out these bunch of yeast infected maggots .

:D:D How? How did that image come into your head?

Ngolo Kante

kenyan men are generally born horny,me included,so any inclination towards fashion of the opposite sex that might instigate any sexual arousal,chest thumping is rampant.Tuck your dicks in!!!
this idiot just saw the supposedly ample derriere of sabina joy and got a hard on…Besides that,i wish they would put emphasis on the current matters at hand that are crippling our nation…not sabina’s ass

I wish hao wote wamalizwe na Ukimwi au Viagra kama waliowatangulia kina yule jamaa wa kusema hakuna mtu anawezasimamisha refurendum hata Mungu na pia yule jamaa wa kupee simba nyama watu wakifa njaa.Yaani wakiona mikono tu ni shida.Na siku yenye Millie Mabona alitoa women’s union si hao wote walijichafua wakijipiga punyeto.Na kuna walibomoa kabat wakati Muthama aliraruliwa trousers.Kwanza nashuku wengi hao wamepitia mad prophet wa kijiji na pia Bingwa makei.Ni urimu.

Wewe masturbate na Ngolo Kante polepole bila kusumbua.:saitan:

[SIZE=5]I see nothing wrong with this:[/SIZE]