Siku za Mwizi...

Two thugs killed Near Mama lucy hospital, They had shot and robbed a lady attendant at an Mpesa shop in umoja 3. Public chased after them as they shot in the air to scare the mob, finally police on patrol responded and shot the armed one. The other who was unarmed was lynched by the mob.
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Good riddance to bad rubbish. I was once violently robbed and i have no mercy for thugs.


where is the maneyy


yaani hio mawe amewekelewa.
kweli watu hawanaga huruma…kill but kungonga na mawe jo i cant

Seems you have never encountered thugs


sijawahi ibiwa ama kupatana na mwizi akitandikwa

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Siku ile hawa watakufanya maneno, hutawahi hurumia mtu anaitwa mwizi…

I have been a victim of carjacking but can never bring myself to even throw a stone towards a human being.

now why did they kill an Mpesa attendant? a sufferah like them

i find it …nop.itanisumbua for long

Kuna wengine lazima panga iingie kwa kichwa ndio aamini amekuibia.

Niaje NV, the attendant didn’t die, she was shot on the hand. She was rushed to hospital

ooooh thank God

Those mpesa attendants i feel sorry for them, these fools do not know every coin lost will be deducted from her salary.
Ati he was shooting in air to scare public :D:D:D. Serves them right

But I’m sure you have heard or seen what they do…kama hujui haya just visit Kenyatta National Hospital at casuaty section mostly at night, try during weekends. Uone victims

this is sooo serious man.wah.sijawahi ona hivi mimi

Violence begets violence.

How about covering the dead bodies ?

The story on thieve hunishangaza/kanganya
Jesus was crucified together with thieves.
He said he Will come like a thief. …can’t quote the exact verses in the Bible …what so special about these thieving thing and why “Shiney eyes” CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN !

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Mwizi ukishika unaua bila huruma bila kusitasita na building block ya 9by9.Bado atakiwa kamiti anakula pesa yako inform of Tax.

Chesos atakuja kama mwizi lakini hataiba…
kuzidishia mpesa shop ama amebeba thwau.