Siku Ya Kufa Huwezi Epuka

Driver and front seat passenger smashed

That is some Final Destination $#!+ right there

Shiet! Alaf upatikane umededi mkiwa na bibi ya wenyewe

Hapo hakuna kesi. The dead has no conscious.

Bora ikuwe ni after kumwaga ndani … otherwise hio itakuwa ni a wasted chance.

Kuishi ni bahati kufa lazima.

Nakumbuka nikishuhudia tukio kama hili nikiwa chuo. Tulikuwa tumetoka daro tunaelekea stage kungojea mathree. While walking beside a very busy highway, gari flani that was moving at a very high rate of speed lost one of its front wheels. Gurudumu imechukua angle kwa mwendo wa kasi kabisa ikaanza kuelekea footpath mahali wasee wanatembea. Yaani the wheel is moving so fast, guys literally were caught flat footed, feet frozen to the ground beneath, completely unable to scamper for safety. At the very last moment just miliseconds from claiming its first victims, the wheel struck a kerb on the side of the road and was launched 30 maybe 40 feet in the air, severely mangling it and averting what would surely have been serious injury and maybe even worse.

By the way ukitembea, you always want to face oncoming traffic. Be situationally aware. Naona watu wakivaa headphones kwa barabara nashangaa.

Why do these things always happen in China?

Because it is a police state with millions of cameras all over the place which capture a lot of details.

While in primary school, one of my classmates was struck by lightning when walking home from school and he died on the spot. That is when I realised one could die any moment.

The Chinese like most Asians are generally horrible drivers. They also have terrible safety standards. A good chunk of freak accident videos tend to come from Asia specifically China. People getting crushed by elevators, industrial machines etc.