Sikizeni Kwa Makini

In as much as Sonko had it coming due to his erratic nature, it doesn’t escape me that the Kanu System is the one in place dealing with things courtesy of Gideon Moi’s hidden hand.

Gideon has decided to deconstruct Ruto’s henchmen moja moja.

First, Sonko was heckled during the Bomas BBI launch because of trying to be populist. Bomas was a nicely done script which the script writers weren’t interested in diverting.

Sonko has been fighting EACC for what he terms as illegal acquisition of the EACC building.

The EACC building had been acquired by the late Biwott through his proxies and he sold it, interestingly, to individuals personally known to the EACC chief.

The EACC chief is bossom buddy and ‘ethnically aligned’ to our DPP. I mean we are Kenyans, we look at these things, sindio?
Our DPP is son to Yusuf Haji a Kanu damu life member and former trusted rift valley PC under Moi.

His other son was the Westgate civilian hero captured globally in the media rescuing victims with a gun.

Yusuf Haji is also the BBI chairman.

BBI is Kanu mechanism.

These are the guys who tortured Raila, and still invited him to Kabarak to pay homage to Baba Moi under the auspices of the handshake.

These are Moi people. Moi people work covertly but lethally.

Sonko is playing with the wrong kind of system.

Justin Muturi was long serving Kanu MP for Siakago and Uhuru’s Chanda na Pete friend for years, in fact, subject to which he became the Speaker of National Assembly.

He awaits you in parliament with your anti BBI subliminal energies.

Uhuru is Kanu damu, Jubilee nusu.

Kibicho and few interior operatives work directly with this axis of power that’s why they seem immune to Ruto’s allies cries of biasness.

Moi said Kanu will lead us to 100 years. We are almost at 70 years so far.

At this rate, the old man could have been right.

If caught say its been written by Kyrgitt

There was only one party Kanu …any politician in this country at the moment has had an alignment with Kanu before

Hakuna kitu umesema hapa nanii

Omar Al Bashir alitupwa nje after thate years.

now you know…it’s so entrenched bro. Rao was not a fool to fold up and join them…we will only support Ruto if he shows us that hes a better alternative…right now he’s only showing us how a better clone he is…birthed, bred and taught by KANU. We need an alternative not a clone

Sonko’s kiherehere itakuja kufika mwisho

What does Sonko have to gain by fighting for that building @sani ?

when you fight a cartel and win, your cartels will be in control

So Sonko will actually fight for no material gains?

:D:D:D:Dkitaeleweka aisee!!

he has a long-term strategy. already peasants are depending on him for water, ambulances and hearses. he wants to control the city’s poor. from there he will become a lord in the city. his powder business will thrive, clean politicians will have to cut deals with him to enjoy trouble free 5 years as Governors

My friend that boy is history. He finally bit what he couldn’t swallow. Ngoja tu. Kitaeleweka soon

How will he come back? Court has ruled against?

He can come back as a lord of the land. in the background. Joho is a governor, but his brother is the lord of mombasa. You saw the difference when sonko did not mobilise people to go to a state function, kasarani was empty

We are storming Milimani law courts tomorrow to release Sonko

Mmoja Ni muarabu ingine Ni walalo

Anyway,when I look at corrupt individuals "ethnically"aligned to ruto,najua huyo jamaa hafai kuwa prezzo

KPA Kuna namesake wake anafaa kushikwa

NCPB Ni kubaya Sana especially watu wake

Ministry of energy iko Na scandals kibao

A ministry headed by his ethnic colleague

Then jamaa Alikuwa treasury akifanya upuzi,bwana rotich

Gladys shollei alikula pesa judiciary

KVDA Ni wizi tuu

The list goes on and on

eti kpa kuna namesake wake? si ata Gideon moi ni mkalenjin mwenzake, mbona wanafight?
Gladys Sholei bwanake alikua CEO wa standard group enye inapinga Ruto.


The guy was in court on Thursday seeking anticipatory bail

Gladys ako chama.gani?

Ako tanga tanga au kieleweke?

Ako team.embrace au inua dada?