Sikiza hawa Mapostwall career women( Single mothers)

imekataa post wall wana dai aje.

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What do the three ugly land whales have that can make men feel intimidated? Men just avoid the sense of entitlement and unmatched knack to argue over nonissues.



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empowered woman as opposed to what?

who is an empowered woman?


These ones those who demand a share of mhesh estate akinyuria.

Akanyal crik kama si xvideos

The female equivalents of incels. Lack of intimacy ndio imewafikisha hapo most likely. But why keep blaming men for their singlehood instead of working on their flaws (physical or mental) then getting into the relationships they desperately desire? Victim mentality ni mbaya saidi.


I would really want to see a man who is attracted to any of the three characters alafu tuongee kutoka hapo.

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Intimidated kusema nini…

Keanu Reeves Lol GIF by John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Soko ikisema haitaki…haitaki. Sijui kama ni introspection hakuna ama nini…but niko sure as soon as waanze kuongea, Embobut huongezeka wenyeji…

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increase the violence… landwhales aint shit

There’s something that I always wonder about mature singles whether they are male or female, why do you need to explain your decision, indecision or lack of choice to society?

Look at married people, do they feel the need to explain to you who is single, why they are with a broke guy or an abusive guy? It’s their life so it’s their choice.

You don’t have to justify your life choices to anyone. Particularly not in the misogynistic patriarchal world we live in. Men are overly entitled and they won’t miss a chance to bash a woman who deviates from the slave plantation and all the toxicity it entails for women.

You don’t need to explain that the reason you are single is bcz men are intimidated by you. You are not single bcz men are intimidated by your success. If you lower your standards you can get a jobless man to marry you. You can get a moslem man to marry you as a second wife, you can get a sick old man who needs a nurse to marry you. Fatter women than you are getting married, disabled women getting married to able bodied men. If you have no standards and are willing to be a slave to a man and his family, you will be spoilt for choice.

The issue is that you are commitment phobic or your standards won’t allow you to take what you can get. Marriage is not something to blame the opposite gender for not having. You can decide to settle, pay your own dowry and for your own wedding like @Purple did and voila you can be ‘married’ by the end of the year.

The only intimidating thing about those hippos is their weight.


Dr @rexxsimba would disagree with you in totality, he’ll even fight you for airing such an opinion. But truth be told, 50% of those hippos still got tiny tissue paper stuck up their butt cracks after their earlier visits to the rest room

Na huyu jee?

Incels are psychos who hate women for rejecting them and even go as far killing them. In Kenya if you have a roof over your head and food and a job or business you should be very grateful and not complain about anything. People are really suffering out here.

Something I always wonder is why men use career against women like its a sin to have a career yet the same men don’t want poor women. They are all looking for well to do women.