Sikio la kufa:- North Korea has a death wish

My well thought out thoughts.
Teasing and everything. They wish for war to come to North Korea. And if war won’t come to North Korea, then North Korea will take war to them! One day North will not just test a weapon. They fire one to whoever they will want!

Captain Murica went to war with Korea walitandikwa vizuri what’s going to be different this time around.

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Sasa umehamia N.korea ya jubilee na nasa tutapashwa na nani

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What you have posted is just western propaganda, the north never said they will attack anyone but they will defend themselves if provoked or attacked, any nation would do that


So you think they need to be stopped before it’s too late? Meanwhile billionaires in America are building bunkers that can stand nuclear attack for up to 20 yrs underneath. They are stocking food and supplies,has gyms and all amenities . And you guys are scrambling to buy buroti huko joska!! Musiseme sikuwaambia


[SIZE=6]North Korea surprises with display of new missiles[/SIZE]
By Brad Lendon, CNN
[SIZE=4]Defector: Kim wants to talk to Trump[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]North Korea’s ominous show of force[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]North Korea parades new missiles[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][SIZE=4]US Navy dispatched the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson strike group to the region last weekend, and US President Donald Trump has been tweeting this week that if China can’t rein in North Korea’s nuclear program the US will.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“The Vinson was sent out to make a statement. North Korea responded by showing off the most new missile hardware we’ve ever seen in a parade before,” said Melissa Hanham, senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in California.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]One of the biggest surprises of Saturday’s military parade in Pyongyang was two mobile canisters that could contain ICBMs larger than anything North Korea has ever produced.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“They both probably design concepts. We’ve never seen them in the wild,” Hanham said.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“We don’t know what – if anything – was inside the canisters since North Korea hasn’t publicly shown off or tested any missile of that size before,” analyst Ankit Panda wrote on The Diplomat.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“We can infer given the size of the canister and the fact that it was paraded on Saturday that Pyongyang wants the world to know that it is actively working toward at least two types of solid-fuel, canisterized ICBMs,” Panda wrote.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=4][SIZE=4]17 of 17[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][SIZE=4]The fact that any new ICBM would be in a canister is important because it means those missiles would likely be solid-fueled, analysts said.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Solid-fueled missiles can be deployed faster and hidden better from satellite detection than their liquid-fueled counterparts.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]And the large size also means the missiles could have a longer range.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][paste:font size=“4”]‘A message to the United States’[/SIZE]
“It certainly appears to be a message to the United States that they’re capable of threatening the US homeland. That’s certainly their objective,” Adam Mount, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, told CNN.
Hanham said other land and submarine-launched ballistic missiles were shown in public for the first time Saturday. The land-based version is known as the KN-15, while Pyongyang’s submarine-launched weapon is known as the KN-11 missile.
A missile believed to be the Pukguksong-2, a variant of the land-based variant of the Pukguksong-1.

She took special note of the launcher the KN-15 was on.
“It uses caterpillar treads which means it can go off road more easily, which mean they can hide them more easily,” Hanham said.
North Korea has under 500 miles of paved roads, Panda wrote, and previous wheeled-launchers could risk damage to the missile operating off those.
Hanham said the tracked launch vehicles were made in North Korea, which means Pyongyang did not have to break sanctions imposed by China to obtain them.
Despite all the displays on Saturday, analysts cautioned against overreaction, noting that North Korea’s missile tests have had a checkered record of success, and adding that a missile in a parade does not necessarily mean it’s operational.[/SIZE]

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Letene fujo muone…



Wakanesa you will never be shiny eye like me

US makes nuclear weapons. What’s so evil about north korea’s weapons, but is right when it comes to US.
Since ideally all men are equal before justice, nothing prevents dprk from making their small firework.
Na hakuna vile wata-do sababu ya China. Last time they tried Korea, China deployed 500,000 men + weapons. The war was unwinnable.


iko documentary ya hii war pale Nat Geo…ile vita al’amrikia walipata pale ilibidi wamefallout kienyeji.


It resulted n the creation and protection of south korea

Were it not for the armistice. Americans would have been pushed out. They had taken korea until Chinese intervened.

Someone is prodding and poking and pressing for a war…here I sit laughing, because we are not eternal. If the end comes, let it. Whether over there or closer still. I am not shaken, our time will pass and even then, it will be just as it should be.

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This reminds me of lacrimosa (mozarts requiem mass in D-minor).

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One thing that I admire Dprk is their Patriotism and culture, they aren’t scared of the Western and their loud mouth


True they are so patriotic, their patriotism is unmatched here in Africa

When they go to war an economic crisis will be created and it will be the perfect time for africans to rise.