Sikio LA kufa halizki dawa

I remember with nostalgia when on this forum you could not say a word against Chupilee. Now the very same sycophants who were swearing by chupilee are making regret videos. Now the very same group that would rather vote for the devil than Raila purely based on tribal hate are now on another suicide mission to make genocidaire and a master criminal great again. I don’t know at what point you will get tired of getting screwed and jump off the anti Raila anything is better than Raila hamster wheel.Lemme gloat and saw I told you so and I am now telling you so that even your choice now is no good yall like lemmings leaping off a cliff with your herd mentality . That you are incapable of making wise decisions with your vote. So just admit like this man that tribalism made you retarded and you hate not Chupilee and not Unye but yourself for being such an idiot. Kumera kumera. Birthday Edison. :D:D:D

Who is this guy ?

Uhuru sio mama yake. Mende kubaf. One cannot talk to the president like that. People have the power? Heheheeee… He has one vote and that vote is useless. Aondoe IEBC na afufue Msando kama yeye ndio ako na remote. Pesa ya loan haitajenga SGR, haitajenga Kimwarer dam, wala nini…imeshakuliwa yote. P9 form ajaze KRA return kubaf. Na alipe new driving license takataka. Kisu ya Raila, Kisu ya Uhuru, Kisu ya Ruto…yote ni sawa. Ati rafiki ya Uhuru ni Raila? Aulize watu wa Kiambu kama YT2 na Ruto ni marafiki. Alliance and friendship have no connection. Angojee aambiwe nani atapigia kura shienz

Let me remain engaged in in other activities niachane na siasa.