Sikia Ahadi Ingine Ya Uwongo Kutoka Kwa FALA In Chief: Used Japanese Cars To Be Sold In Ksh In Naivasha From April


Any candidate should be able to trump Ruto in 2027

Well if by chance that happens… That would be dope…

But anyways… If wishes were horses…

You underestimate Ruto with a big margin. Mission ya Ruto 2027 sio kuseek popularity. Iyo anajua ashachoma. Plan ni kudismantle any form of opposition by either Money or bullets.


Just out of curiosity ulitoka diaspora juzi ama?

Nani amemwambia tunataka mtumba?
We want to buy new Japanese vehicles from Japan in Kenya shillings.

Nimekuwa nikimezea hii dudu mate, gari unacharge once a week for a range of 160 Kilometers.

This guy is psychopath, lies just come naturally to him .about 2027 forget it if you think he cares how you vote he will use any means necessary, his mind is on the 3rd term


Mnyambo wa punda

Jina yake wewe msaliti

Been around but in 2027 Ruto will need more than votes to keep the presidency.

Waki import Thailand ladyboys nitakua customer