Sijui Kutaenda Aje.........Wadau Changieni.

Leo nimekula ‘gathirikari’ for sapa - unga ya ile maize that somehow grew somewhere in the Indian Ocean and arrived in Kenya within 2 days.

Apparently, local kiosks are selling it at Sh100, not the recommended Sh90.

I don’t know whether the maize is GMO, whether it has aflatoxins or was harvested near Chernobyl.

So I am wondering whether tomorrow I will wake up with boobs where my butt is, or with a dick in my armpit.

Mmekula hii kitu?

Goodnight fossil:)

Hehe Shosh lala.


Hehehe… Ngabu you are nuts

If you take alcohol, do so today. It should dampen any negative effects.

go to sleep now, ngabu. you are tired.

And it’s funny you should mention hiyo unga. Complaints everywhere about it’s scarcity. From Mexico in 3 days but takes forever to hit shelves. The delay is a major aflotoxin contributor.

Hii idea ya gava trying to control prices wakati demand ni much higher than supply haiwezi work, unga itauzwa at more than 90 bob chini ya maji while supermarket shelves will have the 90 bob price tag but no unga

It’s a poor strategy being used with a staple food. If you ask me, I’ll say it’s an artificial shortage caused by very poor planning/strategy on the govt side and profiteering/greed on suppliers side.

what would you rather was done?

Hehehe, hii unga mimi sijaona. Na inakaa inatoka pale Chernobyl. I went home over the weekend nikarudi na unga wholemeal, ile ya posho mill. Bado napima weather.

better planning on food matters by the govt. Prioritize properly. Like Dida said, people can’t eat the good roads built. If you can’t handle food matters, what can you do? Stop blaming drought, something else that should have been adequately planned for. Food is no.1 priority. They should get basics right.

my question is on the immediate course of action in the face of the crisis. what would you have done different?

Why do something differently when you create an issue which you want to benefit yourself? The people behind this scheme are whistling while pocketing one hand as they swing their bakora with the other all the way to the bank with a clear indication in their mind that ‘this will come to pass na watasahau wanyamaze’. No need for solutions

The kiosks are selling at 100 because they buy the flour at 87. To transport it to their kiosks adds to that so they have to sell it at that price.

My taxes are used to pay someone a hefty salary to handle those matters. Clearly they are doing a bad job. I will look for better managers.

as the employer, I’ll hire others to manage those affairs.

Same forest, same monkeys…Chagua Abduba, labda ata’drain the swamp…

Miller’s are selling to wholesalers at 87.50 per 2kg. They in turn sell @ 93 to retailers