Signs of A Broken Society

Children killing their mothers is actually signs of a broken society. There’s no way of looking at it. The tactics they used to destroy black society in America have sipped into their communities. A society without any moral fabric is broken society. There’s just a collection of individuals acting out their impulses.


America is a classic example of what happens when people are accorded too much freedom. They keep pushing the buttons to see what they can get away with. Thats why you have retards like homosexuals and liberals on the come up.

Keypii would you prefer to live under an iron fist like Chinese? Hata ndio unyambe lazima uombe ruhusa kutoka CCP. Heri izo freedom za America kama mtavumilia mashoga ni sawa tu.

So unanitusi juu nmepeana opinion yangu?? Are Kenyans living under a dictatorship?

:smiley: Ni uchokozi tu kidogo Jimit hehe

Jimit needs to grow a thick skin

The collapse of The United Shit of America will be a win win for the peace loving world

Lol. Check history boy. Aint nobody got a thicker skins than me