signs of a banana republic??

What is this nonsense of a presidential guard walking a row next to the president when the pres is inspecting the guard of honor.
It’s a bit of dis-respect to the soldiers…why can’t the president inspect his own security guards who he trusts more than the soldiers???

punguza cayenne haikupeleki poa

Problem is that cayenne inamsumbulia in the wrong hole…

Ujuaji miiiingi punguza…

Si ujuaju boss, banana republics are very good in empty posturing, Like North Korea, 10s of guards running alongside the presidential vehicle…etc

So what would you have them do? Close down everything in a two mile radius design ya secret service? With hundreds of incognito guards all over the place…

Several security analysts have stated why running alongside a presidential vehicle is in fact a security risk…can you imagine running alongside a limo in
a suit, what are they meant to prevent? are they meant to be a shield against bullets???

Incognito security officers placed in strategic areas is more effective.

Back to our case, having a security guard walking on the other row while the president is inspecting soldiers is just mediocre…it’s just posturing, what is the guard supposed to do in case of a security breach in the middle of 60 soldiers ???

Hehe… very true. North Korea is one of my favourite countries when it comes posturing…

There was a time Kim was pictured atop a submarine in the high seas smilling. The newspapers headline the next day was “Kim Teaches Submarine Captain A New And Better Method Of Navigation”

Wapi @Uwesmakei atwambie vile hii maneno inafaa kuwa?

Presidents have been assasinated before while in military parades.
Google how Anwar Sadat died.
And recently you saw what happened when Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro was watching a military parade.

hakuna guarantee wamewacha RESIST. Wanaweza pata flashback…

“Ndio hio nyang’au imejileta twanga kichwa! Toto la mbwa limefika wapi tairi… ukiona huyo, weka tairi!”

ni matharau sana

wanakijiji walisema hio ya maduro ilikua upussy

A security detail is not there to engage threats against the president, their work is to evacuate the president incase of an attack. And the numbers are usually there incase several are incapacitated in an attack. Sasa akiwa mmoja, how will he evacuate the president if he’s injured?
On the outer perimeter that’s where you find units that their sole purpose is to engage the threat when it arises.
Sasa wewe unaona PR while the people who deal with security see otherwise.

3rd world presidents are the only one who need evacuation??? you don’t see such crap with European Leaders

Coz you do not see those evacuation teams…they have perfected the art of camouflage :smiley:

like the elephant in the tree?:D:D:D:D

Well, check again. Putin, his wife Trump, May, LetaNyau, Macron, Merkel don’t come from 3rd world countries. But you should see their security details. Otherwise your argument is null n void…

:smiley: while seated in a nuclear proof bunker on wheels…