Siezi Lipia Maiti

If a person is in critical condition and it’s obvious he’s dieing and the doctors decide to rin up the expenses siezi lipia. They hold the body expecting to get millions for a body? Siku hizi watu hufanya mass wanasahau mambo ya mfu na maisha inaendelea

I have a buddy whose dad was in HDU in one of the big hospitals in Nairobi. The Mzee passed on but was kept on the machines. What saved them was the specialist who had been treating Mzee for a long time and had formed a friendship of sorts. He called son and instructed him to go get legal help releasing body. Family has been told Mzee was still alive and bill was increasing by around 300k daily.


475 babies watengeneze mtura

man eat man society.
man eat dead society.

No difference between the hospital and that “Haiti war lord who eats people”

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ile pesa yote taxpayers inapea office ya Kithure Kindiki, hamna namna yyote ya ku identify patients wakiwa hospitali?

Serikali haina namna ya kujua mtu ni nani kama ameenda hospitali bila kitambulisho?

Particularly for adults who have IDs and finger*printed. Bure kabisa*

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