Sidika gives birth


[SIZE=1]is he half hoe?[/SIZE]

She really took the time to do her nails and makeup before taking a photo

The kind of crap social media is subjecting people to:D

And to think this stupidity is posted by the leading media group…kweli STDs have gone down…

You go to labour with full makeup? Kuna kitu iko missing sana

Lazima hii hippo ilijaza meffi kwa kitanda ya labour ward.

Githeri media :EXCLUSIVE !!!

If you do him DNA, it will be a mixture of many races , kwanza bukusu zilikua zinadeenyer highschool

Let me have the honors of naming him , lichoti shodedus Veronica mung’asia shikwekwe @uwesmake

Years back nilikwambia Nation Centre should have been repurposed as a chicken coop ama brothel ukaniita baboon. Ona sasa.

@poyoloko Nyongesa

who is she and why is she relevant?


Be kind. And for your information, that building is already a brothel, in a way. At least kutoka chini mpaka 6th floor…girls are screwed on the carpet…

Secretly? With makeup and all ready for an IG photo?

Are we allowed to go in as raia?

He he he he, are you in that sex frenzy?

Nope! Nilitoka huko kitambo sana…

One time this lady friend came running to me one afternoon about 3pm.

“Imagine Mr W****** has just fakked me on the carpet without a condom! Ngai, now what’s this? What should I do?”

I was her “medic”…

Funnily, she sounded like it was an achievement to her to have raped…

I prescribed P2 and climbed her the following week…