Side hens and punda wives the joke is on you:Marriage issa scam

LOL. Just seen the eulogy of the man who drowned in Juja dam. I almost burst a cap laughing. The wife who was calling him to ask him what to cook as he was eating ‘kanyama’ was not mentioned and neither was the side hen. If he had kids the family is not recognizing them either.

I keep telling y’all that the best thing you can do as a woman is to concentrate on your own life not moulding your life around a man bcz these men don’t value you even after wifing you. All you are to him is a sex slave, domestic slave and birthing machine.

His wife was a perfect punda wife. She would call him to ask him what he wants to eat as he is ferking his side hen in his car. LOL. These chimpanzees watawaonyesha maneno. The wife material was still busy defending him even after all the incriminating evidence ati he had many friends and business partners and side hen was probably one of them even after the body was found butt naked.

Wife material even wanted to meet the family of the side hen to offer condolences. These are now two women who have been wasted by one man. After preparing blekfast for your husband and calling him to ask him what he wants to eat for dinner, you don’t even qualify to appear in his eulogy. Poor punda wives.

@Finest wine come see what punda wives go through once their so called husbands die. His family will deny you worse than Peter denied Jesus. They do not recognize you and they do not put you in the eulogy.

Anyway, those are the consequences of worshipping this baboons. After wasting your time and energy being a wife material, waiting on a man hand and foot, defending him after he drowned titanic style ferking another woman half his age, bodies found naked.

This life is too hard to add worshipping a useless man on the list. Pambana na Maisha yako and leave these chimpanzees alone. You are nothing to his family, just let him die and the same inlaws you cooked chapos for will deny you worse than Peter. Jipe shughli mama. These chimpanzees watakuwaste wakikudanganya ati you are my wife, Sijui you are my what. The joke is on you and on the side hen who drowned while being ferked in a car. Women it’s time to wake up and live your life, achaneni na hawa wanaume they’re lying to you to give you a false sense of security ati oh you are my wife, oh you are my side hen, let me ferk you in my car next to a dam.

I know God cursed us with these men but suffering because of a man is optional. It is you who chooses to worship them. It is you who chooses to be their slave. It is you who agrees to be ferked in a car like Malaya ya Koinange. Nobody puts a gun to your head. Ni ujinga tuu yako. I will not deny that kuna stage ya ujinga in life but there comes a time when you must just grow up and face the reality. Whether you are a punda wife or a side hen. Face the reality that a man who cheats on his wife will never be good for you. Face the reality that your husband is busy cheating on you as you are busy waiting on him hand and foot. As you are worshipping him, as you are asking him what he will eat for dinner. His deck is in the vagina of a younger woman. He is not thinking about you or your health. He’s thinking about himself. So why shouldn’t you also think about yourself and put yourself and what you want first the way men do?

I can assure you that in all my life I have never cooked for a man chapos, my exe used to ask me to and I never did it. A man has cooked for me chapos bcz I put myself first. The solution to all these problems and humiliation is never put any man higher than you put yourself. If a man hasn’t come home cook what you want, eat and sleep. If I do anything for a man I have calculated what I will get out of it. If I don’t get what I want I will leave you faster than a thief running from mob justice. Si chekangi na hawa wanaume bcz I have seen how they waste women in the name of being a wife. Mimi hio ndio kazi siezi fanya. Wacha nibaki singo na nizalie wazungu, I don’t have time and energy for nonsense of these chimpanzees.

baboon mzee how are you coping with your geriatric pregnancy ? nikununulie mandizi ?

We dinywa bwana

Haki, I saw that eulogy nikajiuliza maswali. But maybe hakuwa ameolowa ni vile ilikuwa come we stay. We need her to come out and tell us why she was left out. Centro in laws are notoriously famous for ‘kicking’ the wives out.

May’be they are angry that she rushed out to identify him na hata hawamjui…kuna vile we have some unwritten protocols that have to be followed.

What about his kids?

There seems to be a big story behind his wandering dick. This man had 2 wives already who both turned up at the mortuary to claim their hubby- minus the deceased, pengine kuna wengine wengi wanasema ni wangu pia. Kifagio kapsa. Bure kapsaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
So the family just did what they have to do for the sake of peace. Azikwo tu aende after making them trend so badly!!!
This being Kenya…hii story tutaiskia hivi karibuni. Not with all those small time bloggers looking for a big scoop!! Just chill.

Bado hauja pata mboro ya white malaya mzee

The fundamental question is :-
WHY is Marriage a considered a Scam …???

It is clearly different things to different people …

  • Because your Parents , Relatives , Peers or Community want you to .
  • Because it improves your Social Status.
  • Because it is what Mature people do.
  • Because you want to have children.
  • Because you both look Good Together.
  • Because She is Rich and Educated.

And the list goes On and On and On …

Just do it for LOVE , COMPATABILITY , COMMON VISION / GOALS and RESPECT for one another …
Nothing else really matters … :D:D