side chik

guys am currently in a dillema.
i have dated this girl for 5yrs now
then suddenly she dissapeared for a couple of months without notifying me. i hoped into another relationship and moved on then some weeks ago she checked into my life.
and i so much love her that i couldnt say no.
but again i still have the other lady.
am already cheating on her

sasa tukusaidie aje?

what is your usual handle

Hizi malavy davy za masoap opera peleka------------------>

This must be @Wakanyama

what would @uwesmake do? therein lies your answer

ATI dating 5 years hio ni miaka mingi sana, unafaa kuwa na a minimum of two kids with her

where did she disappear to

Sponsor tingz

You’re here sounding all whipped up and remorseful that you’re cheating on her while she probably actually cheated on you first. Most obviously she went for a supponsor na amerudi zizini. Hii ni kucheswa ulicheswa babaa wachana na iyo kunguru

sponsor alibinja io kitu hadi akachoka na yeye.alimwaga ndaaaani na akamfukuza.ameona we ndo fala itaitwa baby daddy.anadai kukutrap.utalea mtoto si wako.ambia kunguru arudi kwenye alikuwa

If she left without notifying you why do you think you can trust her??Furthermore, how the hell do you know what she has been doing for the few months she was away? Watch your back nigga.

Unastress because you now have two chics? Man up

what happens when you watch too much soap operas

what about his front ?

Hapa ni pale unaona bibi ni MFW na sidechick ni mfupaspective


You’re a fool either way

Pea @culture moja…ii mzee iko na njaa