Sick world

A psychopathic lady , here she goes…How do I tell my mom that I want to have sex with my dad?
How do you deal with such

Mbisha ya psychopathic lady?

Huyo ni @Nameberry1

I must seek consent first…not like most of you guys here post pictures non-consensual and it is illegal and invading ones privacy. We just need to be law abiding citizens and the country will move forward.

She’s beyond that mess

ni wewe anataka. She wants you to deduce that from that

are you always this way

Sasa unataka kulia?

You are filthy filthy man:D:D:D:D

You are pathetic if such people are your friends

What in the statement , shows that the lady is my friend??


hiyo nongwe haishikanishi hivo…:D:D:D