LePhilosopher was sent to siberia immediately after putting up the ferk admin revolution post. Was simply using my freedom of speech.

Anyway the place was ferking cold. Walinitupa kwa crater and left me to rot for 7 days. Ndio nimefika leo asubuhi. How’s things been? Is @admin still a cunt?

Nikaribishwe na village whore nipate joto kiasi at least ferk it was cold.

Si ungetumia tu ile account yako ingine ya @Notapeoplesguy ?


Hehe while you were away I hacked the village and sent it to the gallows for 4hrs nikawarushia 502 error bad gateway

Hehehe…yenyewe hio ni madharau:D

Wasee mbona nyinyi huona matatizo zangu ni jokes? Even me I have a heart that feels pain. Niko maumivu aisee.

Care to regale us with your experiences? Who else were you with,in the cold crater? Did you h withdrawal symptoms?

It was pretty much made up of social outcasts kina wakanyama, jirani, black guards, Bingwa Scrotum etc. The place was chaotic. I didn’t deserve to be there. There was a day Jirani and blackguard conspired to chunisha Bingwa sukuma. Walipelekwa isolation :smiley:

unataka tupange wamama kwa stage wakuwelcome na nyimbo?

You people should have written a revolution manifesto like all great historical detainees. Then you come back and uproot the @admin. But the best you did was kuchunishana sukuma? shait!

go back

Leta hekaya ya Siberia

Who the ferk is this guy now? Kijana heshimu senior elders


:D:D:D:D Admean ni savage