Very useless Tumbilees.

The question should be whether it’s only from Luoland that Raila gets immense support. I am actually NOT Luo myself FYI but I would vote him a hundred times over.


I wonder how my weekend would be like without this function. I don’t wanna know though.

Diamond Mark of Quality:)

And Quantity…

Makanika umekuwa autopilot hii wiki yote.Lakini nimejua sababu after nime_visit OLX.[ATTACH=full]130275[/ATTACH]

i expected you to enumerate some of these…

How did you know that was me selling my Land Croosa before NEMA catches up?

Someone needs to go back home and start asking questions:D:D:D

Hii sasa ni body what? @Luther12 please get your dishes to face this way please… I got them coordinates

:D:D:D:D I’d somehow hoped none else would see those two.:D:D:D

I can hazard a guess at how WD39 is consumed :smiley:
Unaweka hiyo WD39

Kwa kaburaita… Halafu unapump fuel pump manually…and ignite the engine. Then run to the exhaust…and inhale the resultant product.

Cc: @introvert

And do not forget the ever faithful helper. Give him a sniff too

No need to apologise. That was the gist of Makanika Murefi’s caricature…

Jibambe my friend.
As I always say, wewe ni mwanamme kama binti na inafaa uvishwe gauni na ufungwe Hijabu.

@Nattydread na @ScotlandYard kujeni mvae hii shati… for fifteen minutes only.

hehehe… sasa yupi ndie huyo anakaa kamaa young Rooney?

Sande…you are yet to see the glutious maximus…the name itself defines it to the T.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hii sheppat haina furaa wala peace.

'Nuff said.

kwani ni ile ilitwangwa kipanga ikajua haijui?:slight_smile: