Sio kila siku siasa…
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Wrong section…MEFFI!!! peleka motoring


Family iko kwa sex and relationship


Umbwer! Hiyo 18+ umeweka ya nini?

Ya mature people to comment sio machokora

Anyway wewe ni fala tu. Huna respect kwa kijiji

what about your uncle who owns local butchery and cereals store arrives in this with some supplies for the day. he knows about all other arrangements but doesnt bother with or even attend the funeral service. he is not very much concerned with style and is in tyre sandals even at the graveside.

Btw kuna watu kama hao, they don’t attend any family gathering

Family gathering zingine pia ni umeffi tu.

South African shiet should be left there in their forums.

waafrika kweli tunafanana kabisa kabisa. That’s a typical kenyan family right there. Kwanza huyo jamaa wa funguo za room ya pombe, and its usually a very old Toyota 100 or nissan sunny. And very dusty with a cassette player. Na hakosi sigara ama credit.

na huyo wa kagari kadogo always asking people to park for her. And she always leaves early.

Hio bluebird nataka kubuy niisuke mbaya. Nissan killed it with that design.

What is this? Nilikuwa nadhani ni picha za woman rep wa Kisumu County ama Mishi Mboko. I am disappointed:(

South African crap…who lectures pregnant nieces in Kenya?