si watu wameteta kuskia hii story. mbona watu hawapendi kwambiwa ukweli??


Wajaluo wanapenda nyap sana

Nani hapendi nyap dunia hii? Even the celibate nun’s are getting some from the candles in church…

The chief in homabay was open and said in every 10 homestead nine are infected.

the situation is much worse than is being reported in official statistics. ARV zikieza kosa miezi mbili huko, it would be a horror show. Too bad people have completely refused to use condoms and abandon archaic cultures based purely on sex

ati from what?

Tuna ngoja press statement from DRY FRY CHAIRMAN @uwesmake
Atupee way forward au sex for fish iendeleee…

Fish for sex

Let the retards enjoy dry fry, 21st century, are we gonna deal with poverty or half brains who prefer raw!!