Si Wamama Hujionea Siku Mrefu

Mazee sijui kwa nini hawaelewi once bitten twice shy… ya kwanza. Ya pili the new man in your life should not be in the kids’ lives at all. The only men they should know is their biological father or their grandfathers. Period.

Bonobo TF are you on about?Do you really need an explanation as to how much stronger a 30+ year old MAN is compared to a 13 year old KID

Bonobo take a second look at that man, not his age.

Perhaps we don’t have important details about the case like:

  1. Whether the perpetrator was armed or not
  2. The neighbourhood setting where the heinous crime took place

I feel that these 2 factors are of significance especially in a preventive outlook.
If the perpetrator was not armed and the neighbourhood is densely populated e.g Eastlands, then I find it difficult to understand why the boy did not resist or call for help. I am not justifying the act; the perpetrator should be stoned to death, no doubt. But I always want to get a molecular understanding of even the tiniest of details.

I hereby declare you Village Idiot

you are a very stupid homosexual fool. the man raped a BOY , ingekuwa ni dem hata tunge discuss.

but as talkers wamesema this might be a setup , that singo madha just looks fishy

There is no excuse for sodomising a 13yr old. Banaaaaaaaaaa…

This is now the show of true stupidity. Rape is rape kama ikue chali ama dem, none is justifiable.

At age 13 someone should be able to defend themselves or call for help. This is a generation of weaklings like @Kodiaga raised by singo mathas

No bwanaaaa. You are the idiot here.

I am not disagreeing with you…my point is should we prepare/ teach our children on what to do in potentially harmful situations? Like rape/ sodomy encounters.

Your question is moot. My stand is that a singo mum should not expose her kids to her new men. End of discussion.

But they have to bond before the man becomes their stepfather

You are missing the point altogether. If I was a single mum, I would never let my new man near my sons. Yeye ni wangu. Na watoto ni wa Mungu na baba yao mzazi. So simple.

Its not always a boyfriend to the single mum; it may be an uncle, it may be an older cousin. So kids need to be prepared on what to do in case of a possible rape attempt.

I am livid coz me at 13yo, I was a mature individual…but this generation needs to be held by the hhand and taught basics.

This is sad if true. I have a friend who lied in children‘s court that the dead beat father molested his daughter.

In some cases children are groomed before being abused. Abuse can last a long time. Both men and women are pedophiles. The size or strength of the child is irrelevant. Words are very powerful.


Huyu jamaa hayuk mbali. Probably in Kiambu town near the stage kwa base ya jaba akipeana hekaya venye alirarua kuku na kifaranga.

We are living in different times mate. Now that we are wiser, we do not leave our kids with other males, actually we do not leave our kids with just anybody. A 13 y/o is a child in my eyes. Keep the focus on this particular case. We do not know whether he had been groomed for a time by this noogle, we do not know if he pounced on him…all I can deduce is that the mother was not around.
In anycase is it normal for a man to shag another man old or young? nein. What agenda are you really trying to drive forward?

:D:D:DYes. New man in her life who has no bizna meeting the kids. Hii kitu huniuma sana.

ii ni recipe ya kuhijack the kids future especially his social life what kind of a mother puts that on social media knowing the negative impact it shall have on the boy growing up saa zingine akili muhimu report to the authorities and spend every dime to make sure the culprit is brought to book social media toka ndani