Si Wamama Hujionea Siku Mrefu

Unadhani umepata mtu kumbe jamaa ina aim kwa haga ya mtoi



The boy landed on sharp object

Women will lie, lie!
The man took the slices and entered Karura.

Did she take the son to the doctor? Did the doctor confirm her claims?

Single mothers like @Nefertities should be hunted down like animals and shot on sight

I’m also confused mbona hakuna medical report amepost. Avoid bitter singo mathas

Oddly enough, her mindset was to update her profile photo just a few hours later after garnering some attention online




Hio ni uongo sana… Labda gathee ni kukataa tu kamekataa kulea mtoto alafu kunguru iko, “Unakataa kunitumia pesa ya mtoto?? Ngoja utaona chenye nitakufanyia”

Ninja discovered soon enough there was no grip… decided to diversify

Singo mothers the world over never learn. Why do you have to introduce a man to your kids? The worst horror crimes of this nature are committed in America.

You’re so right… they’re incapable of learning

No-one is stopping them from dating again but pls not in your house, a safe abode for your kids. Yeye aende na huko. If she has no money to employ house help she has no business dating. Alee watoto.
I remain traumatised by a case I read juzi. Huyu single mum went to a nightclub leaving her teens sleeping. A boy and a girl. Akaokota kimtu huko. Unknown to her, he was a serial rapist on the run. Took him home. He taped her mouth, tied her up and raped her teens.
Now what the ferk is that? :mad::saitan:

13 year old ni mtoto mkubwa sana; that is age of consent in places like Japan, and the man looks to be fairly feeble…so why didn’t he resist? Oh almost forgot: ni mtoto wa single mum

Single mothers wanapenda attention sana.

bei ya kuma itapandA sana wacha waishi wauze kuma wengi bei ishuke

especially among the blacks, commonly known as the communitah!! (say that ‘tahhh’ loundly)

Ghasseer what a disgusting cunt you are.Blaming an innocent kid just to dunk on single mums smfh

Woow woow oh just woow…did you understand the story behind the sodomisation? they did not meet in a natural set up kama kule kwa ndauwo.

Men lacking a father figure in their lives have some obvious deficiencies but that is besides the point. That man is feeble and I don’t understand how he can force a 13 year old MAN(using Japan as a gauge) to an unwilling sexual act.

Explain that bwana ghaseeer

Basing judgement on commentary here…can’t find a link to the whole story. Ebu share if you have.

Ebu read the 1st post by Maiko. My understanding of it is that a woman is looking for her lover who sodomised her 13yr old son. Pengine nashika zangu.

I have NEVER understood how a grown up delegates the security of their children to strangers.

Somewhere in this story utapata a father lamenting, yet hajawahi fuatilia watoto huishi aje na nani, na wanakula na kusoma aje.

Then here is the mother, an enlightened soul, that decides because she sleeps with a man, he automatically becomes their children’s father…

Some people should just NOT have kids if they find them such a huge inconvenience