"Si umejua njia? Utakuja tena." Deluded chics

Nimenotice kuna venye lanye/ dame yeyote haelewi nikimkula. Barganing power shifts 100% on my side.

They expect same treatment when u were hunting her down. Attention, money etc.

Me nikigula once thats the last time utawai niona dms nikikutext. Na sio kuforce. Its mens nature/ animals too.

Start lanyes who have realizes this trend open up 3rd party opportunities like bnb, other babes wakukupea.

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Hapa nayo umenyamba ukweli. Kuna dem nili cold approach on I.G in November…talks and talks no meet up. Finally me meet in mid Dec…1st meet up for food and drinks, 2nd meet up same shiet. She is 18yrs of age…i think i lost count on how many times we met and each time we met she refused to open the server…that ako in a serious relationship…at this point i had already invest in my time, small money in going out for drinks and food and car fuel. Dem haitishi cash…ananikula indirect. Ikafika mahali nikamshow point blank kama hatukulani wacha ikae…she promised that we would fuck in our next meet up…nikasema sawa…stopped talking to the bitch…one day akani txt out of nowhere that nimepotea sana. Nikamshow niliona yeye ndio ako na mchezo sana so nikachorea…she asked me meet nikamuuliza kama tuta fuck…akasema yes as she had promised. This was in Early Feb this month. So we meet hapo Tsavo Apartments in TRM…kalinifungulia server… tight as hell…nilikula hiyo pussy like my life depends on it…shot moja mwenda nikableki…she asked me to drop her off nikamshow nimelewa sana i can’t drive so i can take uber for her. Thats what happened. As we speak the table turned from that day nilikadinya… i stipped texting her and shiet…sasa yeye ndio ako on my toes :green_emoji: ma salamu and shiet…telling me how much she is missing me…stuff she never used to tell me. Hapo ni kweli. Dem akishakupanulia miguu hananga card ingine ya poker…game yake huishia hapo and she is under your mercy


Umekunia point

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Gathee usisahau bado tunangoja feedback ya ule engineer. So far amekukula doh ngapi na umesongesha mileage?? Na usidanganye. We are using you as a case study.


Ukigula unaweka reverse gear
Awkward Glasses GIF by nounish ‚Ćź‚ó®-‚ó®

:green_emoji: :green_emoji: sijamkula bado will post full details now

A lanye has no feelings for you though. 99.99% of men they sleep with are one-timers.

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You cold approached her on IG? Do you know what cold approaching is?

Yes…approaching a stranger and trying to ask them for a date…it can be in person or online pia. Get your facts. Remember on I.G we have no mutual friends or common interests…and its not a dating site so i call it cold approaching gals

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You fell for the oldest trick in the book. Kunguru at the first date was pregnant with the alpha bf seed. Alicheza hard to get then after The moment alikupea pucci wewe jua the deal was done. Let me call you the beta chieth simp AKA the acting baby daddy

Sikulangi raw kizee…

Why would you go raw on an 18yr old stranger

Why would i want a lanye to have feelings for me.?

Also i never :recycle: recycle ata akue mrembo / have physical qualities gani.

Plus these things are part of a mans nature. Ata sio kuforce.

‚ÄúSi utarudi tena?‚ÄĚ Questions crack me up. Bitch i aint never :rofl: coming back

Not really but a lanye never expects to see you again. Hiyo in kuongea tu. So there should be a separate conversation for a lanye vs regular woman. But this is ktalk.

Hakuna tofauti btwn the two. Wote ni womenz.

Only one is easier to deal with mentally and financially. But ukishakula its time kuvaa sports shoes and head over to embotut forest.

Why the ferk would i want anything to do with a lanye nimekula. Except kusafisha mecho pale tiktok

Wee ghaseer mbona unaanika msichana wa watu?


Block button. Right there buddy. Go follow @TrumanCapote

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Wewe sasa ndio meffi, why wouldn’t you go raw on a 18 year old. Utamu ya soft meat ni kumwaga ndani.

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Hii ni lanyee iko roysambu anaitwa lucy inauza 1k

Feeling offended snowflake? Privacy is a thing, respect it.
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