Si huyu msichana angezikwa tu huko Canada instead of incurring all this expense?


Wangechoma alafu jivu wapee Miguna akikam akuje nayo.

Be mindful of other people’s grief. Leo ni hao kesho ni wewe. Stop making insensitive comments for clout. Hizi likes hazitakupeleka mahali.


BIG no.
They’ll have a chance to see her one last time and say goodbye.

thats is expensive, I thought the coffin hubebwa kwa cargo area of a plane - anyway pole kwa familia, its the family that suffers most once one joins the other side.


Why get buried in a foreign land na uko na kwenyu. Would it please you if your loved one was buried in Uk ama Thailand kwa ladyboys.

Mbona inakuuma? Ulicontribute pesa ngapi?

Kweni ulichanga pesa?

huwezi acha mwili ya mtoto kwa kichaka ikuliwe na fisi ndio hu save 5 million. jamaa na marafiki wako na duty kusaidia kwa gharama za mazishi.

Shifo would you like your daughter to be buried in a foreign land just like that? purleeeeeeeeeeeese…:mad:

NIgga that is cold!

Lakini fosho hii genereshen ni ya mafala. People chasing likes and masifa

Raised is not necessarily equal to $$ required.
Burial in Canada would still cost something because there are morgue costs to be footed. Probably more if there would be air-tickets,accommodation and visas required due to time factor.
Alafu, African culture on display (good or bad IDK). Ukilazwa hospitali tutakuletea food kwa wingi, bucket loads. Ukikeiyo tutachanga pesa

Either way she’s dead

Why is this post under Sex and Relationship?


I will leave this here just for you. Na ushindweeeeee

I think Diaspora people should think of getting a last expense insurance cover for times like this.

For sure that is the African way of doing things but I think that in the modern times, our traditions are conflicting with economic hardships