Si huyu angejaribu kuwa MCA kwanza

Hii kiti kupata pale village si ngumu kama uko na pesa na ukuwe crook. Don’t be nice. There is a tried and tested method but that window was closed last month…all you need is 3m to implement your plan and some spare cash to buy a party ticket. I know 2 unpopular people who have used it and usually get a headstart of about 2-3k votes…in a crowded field where everythats a lot of votes considering average number of voters per ward is 12k. You also need another 1m or thereabouts for facilitation on election day. The thing is very few MCA aspirants pale village ( western) can Marshall over 5m…and those who can usually go for MP seat where they obviously fail. Siasa ni chafu sana pale village thats why you have monied fellows like Alfred Sambu winning every election without ever campaigning or pretending to work. My vihiga village MCA will easily retain his seat because he’s a millionaire, richer than the two bunyore mps combined and has no intentions of going for Mp seat…why would he when the two mp’s are forced to use his firms for almost all cdf projects…county assembly yeye ndio kusema pia…amefanya Otichilo akalia sana.

Siku izi ni career choice.

Hii ni ujanja fiti sana kwa kijana mdogo kama huyu. He probably knows he won’t win but the chances of him securing a county job or pale kwa cdf office have significantly improved.

Umbwa malaya

Hata sijaskia uchungu :D:D:D:D

Kimilili MP nachukua elders


My tiny friend wacha matusi

Apa hujaambia kijana ya Yvoneste poa banae

Neo was the chosen one. Or was it Agent Smith finally?