Si Hii Kitu Hukata Kata Bezos Maini

So the lie that billionaires are not liquid is debunked. Clearly they can liquidate billions in a day to give away. But henyway, it seems dangerous to be flaunting that much liquidity. Hii story haitaisha poa


The mark of a man is to create wealth; not squalor with bygones.

But imagine losing tens of billions to somebarry juu ulimkula that socialist liberal and his Washington post gazeti.

Enyewe the Trump Curse is real. Bezos made tens of millions via his gazeti fucking with Trump over the past 4 years. Na yeye amepoteza BILLIONS.

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@Mangele @Guy004 sijui mnaomba nani.

Sasa utashinda crying over spilt milk? kama @patco hapo juu.

If you made that billion in the first place, then surely you know how to make the next billion.

Weak is the man who even thinks about the amounts you spend on women. Those are very trivial matters in the grand scheme of things.

Me hushangaa sana eti after a breakup, a man is going to a woman’s house/ business to pick his things. Anachota dem everything he bought. Very very stupid man that one.

Billionaires wives are notorious for wanting to donate to charity money that they never sweated for in the first place. It is for the same reason why Buffet separated from his first wife. You work your ass off and when you finally win, someone nags you 24/7 about how you should donate that money you worked for.

Those embracing progressive ideas that promote destruction of the social structure must pay the price in kind. They must be in the frontline. they must not squirm in pain.

Still whining over that looser? Grow up

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You are the most foolish person on earth . How many times do I tell you to put stuff in English?

The most expensive hole bana. A billion or two coz of a vagina

It was around 60 to 80 billion ndolas. Hiyo 2 billion ni ile amepeana so far

Jeff Bezos is worth $195 billion even after divorce. Hiyo pesa yote mtu mmoja anafanyia nini? Acha ex wake apeane vile anataka, she’s still worth over $50 billion anyway. Jeff is very lucky that woman is reasonable, otherwise she would have demanded for exactly half na angepata.

It was half at the time the divorce was filed. Bezos deliberately made decisions that caused his net worth to drop before he came to an agreement with her, which reduced his net worth before it shot up again by almost double after the filing. Anyway fuck mimi siezi patia mtu 50 billion juu nilimkula. We would fight out with a team of 100 lawyers with lawsuits and counter lawsuits for the next 30 years hadi nikuwe kibogoyo. But the fool was trapped in his own woke warrior mentality akapatiana blood and sweat hivyo tu

Wacha ushienzi wewe. She received Amazon stock in the settlement, so whether Jeff’s net worth dropped or rose is beside the point. The point is if she’d received half of Jeff’s net worth, today she’d be worth more than $100 billion, even after giving away a few billion dollars. Her net worth would be around $10 billion less than Bezos’. Jeff knows he dodged a bullet and that’s why he agreed to the settlement so fast.
A more vindictive kunguru would have made a real stink, knowing that the US divorce industry would be on her side. Plus all the other billionaires who hate Jeff would have been happy to offer her financial support behind the scenes to ensure she drags his name (and Amazon’s) through the mud as long as it takes. Mackenzie is a very reasonable woman.

maybe a prolonged messy divorce would have greatly reduced the value of the amazon share, plus when this thing go into courts they can take a long time to settle, if it was cash in a bank it would have made sense lakini shares can be volatile, especially for a company like amazon which is synonymous with bezos, at least for now, he can affect the price.

afadhali tupotelewe sote, maaangai siezi kupea 50 billion ata ukuwe nani. How is this not a heist. That’s the GDP of more than half of all nations in the world

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