Si Arudi Kwao


Hii ni uchokozi

Let them pay for what they have done to others and for promoting anti-family homosexual gospel. After attempting to poison other societies, theirs is experiencing a collapse.

Mtado nini na musito Rishi Sunak ako ngangari? :D:D

Enyewe, that is embarrassing. He seems to have no self awareness.

Ukifika pale Heathrow going through the airport security na immigration. Hao first generation Panjeets huwa wajinga, washenzi sana. They think they are more British than walami wenyewe.

Kwanza wakiona wewe ni ngozi nyeusi.

Same is true huko Yues. The Chinese fresh from the boat, wacha the first generation are the most racist mofos. Walikipata after Covid-19, walikula hio kiburu yao. They finally got a taste of their own medicine.

watu wakae kwao… hii ni uchokozi

Hii ni arrogance and ignorance of the highest order.
Ni kama akuje hapa kenya aanze kusema everybody is blek.
President; black
Riggy G; Bleck
Speaker: Black.
CJ: Black

How many officials in Pakistan are white?