Shut up and listen to me for a sec.

Now that I have your attention. I have been noticing some peculiar happenings over here that have raised my paranoia levels a notch higher…or is it that I’m highly Tranquillized at the moment… nvm.
Ok here is my issue with “pink” handles. I have come to notice that every time a season pink handle goes MIA , a new handle comes to light. Ama it is me alone who has noticed this. I have been monitoring them as a side job for a while now. Who is what? what is which?
Anyhu … RWNEBPORK. Leys get lit.

Noticed that too. I was about to ask the same question.

can you give egzambles…

It is you alone, quite frankly I don’t give a fcuk whick pink handle leaves or joins

Never mind

nimepitia tu

Another day. Another conspiracy.

So, if they come and go, ama wacha tu!

You are inebriated… therefore…

They are many, sina helmet saa hii. Nitasema baadaye.

Momo wewe nataka kuongea mbaya ama. Nakuona

not at the moment sir. But will come up with a full report on that in due time.

Niaje @Purr_27

What time? should be right now. It is an observation you have made. BTW usinitaje anywhere weird. I am just me MFW. Hate gossipers, bullies, haters online or in real life. I can smell them from yards away.

Nikuazime yangu. Ama nikuvalishe cha nguvu? [ATTACH=full]115592[/ATTACH]

Give us the raw report. We will sift thru it ourselves…

Oestrogen and progesterone were high but I have taken control :smiley:

Why are you apologising…ongea mbaya. Its a free world. This is how you get intimidated.
Ile umama niko nao leo,it deserves an iron medal.

Hata mimi my crystal ball has shown me FP will be getting a lot of competition in the near future.

Hizo pink handles ni robots za @Deorro to attract blue balled NVs