showmax v netflix

for the past 1 week i have beem binge watching kenyan shows and movies on netflix and showmax and i can freely tell you showmax has better kenyan content than netflix. some kenyan content of netflix is pure bullshit. upuzi wa hali ya juu. there is this movie by abel mutua i watched on netflix and it was bad. nilijaribu kuwatch disconnect 2: the wedding planner and it was shambolic with a very weak script. the actors were great but the script was bad. nilikuwa nimedharau showmax but iko mbele kuliko netflix at least in kenyan content.

Pia mimi I prefer showmax, it caters my love of classic films (80_90’s).

Hizo local productions huwa ni upuzi… South African production or even West African anytime…

pepeta is a local production and is very good. single kiasi si mbaya pia though its a photocopy of a south african show by the same name. country queen on netflix aint bad either. jifunze kutafuta some good content.

showmax all the way. Content nyingi ya Netflix una watch na anxiety hujui scene ya LGBXYZ itatokea wapi.