Hallo fellow villagers,now I got I Chick I have been vibing on shoshomedia for sometime and she’s finally agreed to meet me in tao.wado kindly advise me on venues for dates in the CBD.

Punda ghasia

The thread title is misleading.You should have titled it ‘Umefi’.

what do you want to show her? your money? if yes enda hilton. Ua confidence, mpeleke kwa bench outside Hilton. Let me now be sober: by the time she is coming, she should not have any doubt that you are after her ikus, even if you wont get it that day. have you made your intentions clear? If yes, enda lazarus in, mkule, if the vybe is good, mpande kwa room upstairs, katambe.

Have least expectations before a venue. Mshow akuongoje roundtable ama outside chicken inn moi Avenue.

Mpeleke aone Kicc then after photo session, Boat ride Uhuru park.

Big up urself thanks for the update

ukitaka nikusaidie kujua kama ni kunguru, nipitishie number yake nimuweke kwa majaribu. nikifaulu nitakuambia tu? :D:D

Kuja hapa Comfort5 on Gaborone Rd. Hata niko na room wewe buy bia mbili coz me nishamalizana na kamene nikuachie keys.

I hope you did not use your ID to book that room. if you use your ID to book a room, never pass it on to someone else casually. if a crime happens in the room thereafter hautajitoa. Its oyurs till the following morning or until you return key to reception.

room hapo me ni mwenyeji na hubook sniper mode. I use a swedo.


Rates za room ni mangapi?

Sonford Fish and Chips

2500/= but mimi hupewa na 1500/=

if you have your own place, then find a bar that offers cocktaisl nearby then from there when she is feeling all good and happy, tell her she has qualified to go on a trip with you, (by qualified, you mean that she is not creepy and is good vibe/conversationalist) take her to your room then when she asks where your going pull out the weed and say cloud 9 baby :wink: from there put on some bashment and slow wines and challenge her skills of dancing/ whining, she will chase your validation and play into your trap, and you now have a same day lay, ive used this in england, kenya, Germany and France, this shit works all the time, provided you both communicate proficiently in the same language! :smiley: :smiley: tell us how it goes. and whats your budget?

also treat her more towards a slut as in, in your mind she is down for sex cause she woudlnt be meeting you anyways, and that way you wont be wasting your time cuase you treat her like a lady and you allow room for her to fuck you around, and dont be so needy or you wont pass the shit tests, just be prepared to walk away from the situation at any time and thats the alpha mindset bro!

Peleka yeye Man cave with all security red alerts Tao is No go zone. If u know u know