Should we trust WSR.....

Watched these videos & maybe we need to rethink what Murathe & Atwoli have been trying to say all along…Just a thought.

No one has forced you to vote for Ruto. Wait for next year elections and go vote for your candidate in peace and wait for the results. These all talk about Ruto from morning to evening how he is evil bla bla is just a waste of time and useless noise.

Voting for Ruto is a no. I just hate him for the constant bitching ati anaonewa yet he is a deputy president.

Am voting for ruto, the state wants u to see how ruto is bad, they are far worse!

Kaleos round two…wataanza na grabbing forest land and finish by stealing from every institution.

If ruto does not take the presidency next year there is no kenya to talk about… his competitors are 100s of times more evil and think Kenyans are stupid pieces of shit

It’s ruto all the way

I think position ya Deputy President should just be scrapped. Huyu jamaa hana kazi kusema ukweli.

Ruto is not Kenya. And neither is he the stopgap


You must be very ignorant, do you even trust yourself?

Try the luos, they will pee on ur gate and tell you to wait for “sirkal imalize kukoghoa”