Should she disclose her colourful past or not ? iko vita kubwa sana hapa


Thots obviously hazitaki hio file ifunguliwe

thats why usioe tu ovyo , use even a private detective to confirm her past. utaoa dem P2 ndio zinamea kwa ovaries , ova zilikufa zikazikwa kitambo sana

Kupata entire jacket ya uyo mtu ni muhimu ndio upotelee swara.

More and more men becoming enlightened. You love to see it.

This is one of the reasons why you should never take women over 24 years seriously. Remember, the older she is, the higher the body count and abortions, not to mention children. You can only imagine the kind of baggage and past a woman in her 30s has. You should always date under 24 mipangos regardless of your own age as a man. Hata bibi unafaa umpate akiwa below 24 years - regardless of your own age.

He who counts is sad

he who marries a whore will die sad.

It should be a two way affair,i’d hate it when my best bud blurts out how i used to skirmish,pillage and plunder poosys. Nitaanzia wapi?

Hapa Bidenista the most important background checks are mainly CREDIT and Criminal Background.

You don’t want a spousal financial deadbeat just as much as you don’t want a criminal in your life.

Credit deadbeats mean everything will be damn expensive or totally unaffordable.
Criminals are just what they’re…problematic. There are jobs they can’t get, period.