Should multiple members of one family be in the same flight?

This only applies to members of royal families and other VIPs, whose deaths might actually have a wider impact on entire nations. Huwes pata Prince Charles na William kwa same flight, wakikufa pamoja itaharibu succession plan vibaya. Nyinyi common riff raff ata mkufe watu mia from the same family stock market haitafeel kitu.

Should entire families live in the same house?

For most people (myself included), it’s not worth the headache for a family to fly separately. We can’t escape death- when it’s time to go, IT’S TIME! What if a family takes two separate flights, and one of them crashes - I’m sure the surviving family members would feel guilty for the rest of their lives and wish they had travelled together.

But air accidents are more catastrophic compared to the rest. It’s just a precautionary measure to fly in different planes. I can’t imagine I and my family wiped out in a split second. Even on roads it’s wise for kids to take the back seat.

It makes sense sometimes:

My dear departed grandfather,yes,he,the airport building former Manyani detainee,would never allow more thanh four members of his family travel in the same vehicle. We thought he was being overly paranoid and over protective.
Then we attended a wedding in Kitengela…on the way back,tukajazana matatu moja. Mtu kumi na nane (PreMichuki days)
Wacha mat ipate tyre burst pale Nyayo…
All of us niggas could not stop talking of our grandfathers paranoia.

Inbox pic of seal ya HOJ if its really you.

Some can go by road and others by boat and then have everyone’s heart rates synced to the phones/smart watches.

That’s my take too.

Please explain…

this guy lost all his kids seen here ,in a house fire

these,in a car accident

these ones wiped out in a freak boat accident

what you’re saying ni,watu wasikue pamoja wanaposafiri,nyumba moja …when tragedy strikes ,it does not spare anyone anywhere.Remember years back a twin died in a different accident and coincidentally the other twin was in another vehicle on the same route.Due to heavy traffic,passengers decided to walk past the accident and grab another transport on the other end,the twin got smashed by an oncoming vehicle.Its called fate,son.Death finds you in wierd places and circumstances

Care to expound a little bit?

You can’t cheat death

Man he has a point