Should multiple members of one family be in the same flight?

I have now read of two families that each had 5+ family members on the illfated Ethiopian flight. The first case was a Nakuru grandma, her daughter and three kids. The second case was an elderly Canadian couple accompanied by their daughter’s family of 4.

What do you folks feel about having multiple family members all flying in a tube of aluminium at the same time? Me thinks family members should split in flight. Though air accidents are rare, it is too much trauma when you realize that 5 or 6 loved ones are all gone at the same time

I was talking to my son about it this am. I think we need to rethink about travelling together as a family. My son says he is NEVER going anywhere from now henceforth but I know atasahau tu as we all do when things cool off.

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Families die everyday in country buses and the crazy mathrees na sijaskia mtu akisema watu wanafaa kusplit buses when traveling. Hakuna mtu anajua siku yake ya kufa, just say a little prayer every time you wake up and before you go to bed and you’re done.

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I cannot imagine how that family of 5 is feeling. How will they ever recover this tragedy?

Siku ikifika imefika whether you had split or not travelling whether on road ,sea, rail or air is by Grace of God… Ukifika be thankful for it was not due to how you had meticulously planned your safety.

I have heard people say this thing but to me I don’t think it matters much. Unless they travel in different contraptions and never assemble in the same premises. Because mnaweza safiri salama lakini mkifika nyumba inashika moto mnaaga dunia wote. As long as you did your due diligence to make sure everything looks good before the trip then mengine mwachie TMH

Actually, except for business travel, most families fly (drive, walk) together. The chances of them dropping from the sky are much, much lower then getting into a car, train, canoe or wild animal mishap.

Kifo hainanga adabu :


The same rule on the road? Families always travel in one van or car.

Part of the fun in traveling is experiencing it together with family. However in light of this incident, you can’t help but wonder if things should be done differently.

Siku yako ikifika unakubali tu

There was an accident on Mau Summit road which took 7 family members at once. They were coming off a burial in Eldoret. Since then I believe families should travel on different vehicles/planes.

hawa vijana wako na kitu 5000Hrs flying experience.

Kweli kifo ni chieth kabisa!

You don’t want to live with the trauma and self blame of putting your family on a different ill fated flight! They died because you put them on it, na wewe uka survive juu ulipanda nyingine. Afadhali mkufe pamoja.

Tragedies happen. But we must try to mitigate against them. I believe in what a talker here said that when its your day, its your day. The problem with such thinking is that it can make you fatalistic. So even if its your day, take precautions and hope it isnt your day.

When it comes to flight, I think the family should be split up as the Ethiopian tragedy shows that families can very easily be wiped out just like that.

:cool:That is how a proper man with two balls should think. Kama ni mbaya; mbaya ghasia potelea.

Death is inevitable just like in final destination movies…you may decide to take a drive with family kiumane,mkuwe na family gathering suicide bomber atokee, you are in your house gangsters attack and finish all of you…
Moral of the story say your prayers everyday, do good unto others and live each day like there is no tomorrow.