should kenyan schools adopt this ?


in China too, children are allowed 30 minutes naps in between lessons.

late 90s tulionyeshwa horror porn ya STIs na mdudu tukakuwa focused teens :D:D:D

But still you ended-up being a muadhiriwa. Sad isn’t it ?

The images have stuck with me till now. Can’t even touch lanye with a 10 foot pole.

Exactly the point.

You are making the juvenile mafwi takataka assumption that lanye ndio carriers as others before you made. Siku hizi your regular girl ndio atakupea hio kitu. Watu wanakulana huku nje sana.

What makes you think ‘lanye’ refers to the commercial ones only? I believe you’ve been here long enough to know it covers further than that.

Why? Si unajua situation yenyu nyumbani

Fair enough so you wife or girlfriend are included in the broad categorisation?

la presida anatembea na gonorrhea ile strain haiskii dawa, eti alimega punda.

more like indoctrination


Where’s the line?

I got neither. MGTOW.

:D:D:D that’s why we are not team mgtow,