Should Kenya use this approach of using Swahili only textbooks to teach or a mix of both english and Swahili?


Tukuwe wajinga kama watu wa TZ?
Lets be honest. Ata hiyo kiswahili ni kiarabu chieth.

People who think speaking English is neocolonialism.

dumbing down a generation

since we are learning white man’s knowledge it’d make more sense to use white man’s language …hi yetu swahili ikue lugha tu

we can do both eloquently without cheap add-ons.
It’s not that hard.

Issue is, Kenyans love in bask in ingorance, sad shiet honestly

you are a dumb ass.

AF Zoomali

As FUCK ZOOmali??:oops:

Thanks for your input

So use swahili for anything literature related and use english for technical subjects?

How so?

creating fake nationalism to brainwash children

Hmmm would you say the same thing about Germany who teaches everything in German?

Bingwa chieth

  1. Stop mixing different languages in one sentence!
  2. Enhancing fluency should be included in the new syllabus.
    [SIZE=1]muwachangekumixmalanguagesdifferentkilasaa;)<------ weired shit right there [/SIZE]

nein. ich spreche Deutsch auch

Ok you speak German. You think German kids being taught everything in their language is brainwashing?

german is a universal language. dont compare it to waria garbage

Put German aside and address the core issues with our system of education.

Honestly, do our people speak English and or (Ki)swahili?
How can we Kenyan’s claim Kiswahili as ours yet the average Kenyan does not know a simple word for “smile” in kiswahili?
What is it we have been doing wrong and what are the areas of improvement?

The politicians, Media companies, the courts and the Army should address people in Kiswahili. This will give people confidence in speaking their language when they see their news being told in Kiswahil whether it comes from the politicians, the army or even construction workers blocking off certain roads. It should all be told in Kiswahili. I don’t live in Kenya anymore but I get annoyed when I see English being used for everything in Kenya especially when I here politicians using it as if Kenya is an English country.