Should i unleash my gangster mode again.

Seriously, take a look at this and look at it closely. I shall wait.


This is someone wishing death on me akiwa with that homosexual @uwesmake.

Let’s go back in time. Remember when someone mentioned death to that mungiki . His mother or something like that. It was chaos allover. Should I engage the same gangster mode.

I am giving this mungiki and his clande lichoti to issue a statement apologizing to Panyaste with in 12hrs or they shall see fire.

I will personally send goons to your mutura base where u shall be dealt with accordingly and Offcourse lazima mtu atachunishwa sukuma. Mme amusha simba.


Kufa brare fukin midget

Chokosh wars zianze tena

Following for CNN


Niaje @Panyaste★ kwani wali ku-deport tena.

Twanga, Malisa!