Should i page a 20 or a 23

She is 20 years , she is in love but she is scared of getting a kid, anaona ni mapema sana for her age. Na hawa wasichana wa over 23 mlisema mileage imefika Jordan na over 25 ni dinosaur. should i page her while this early ama niende na wa 23.

Enda na wa 20. Shes tighter.

Why do you want to page her?

I’m ready to settle with her

Sasa mutombane mukiwa watoto bado,muwape mimba kisha muingie mitini. Kesho mko hapa mukisema “ogopa singo mathas” ,kwani wanajitomba? Upumbavu ule uko hapa ni wa hali ya juu

You are not…the day you are you wont ask such mediocre questions

Swali yangu ni should i go with a 20 or 23? 20 has low mileage, prime and but with ka uslay queen, 23 more mileage but mature kiasi

Buda, swali ni 20 or 23, sijui mbona unaenda uki drop assumptions and unnecessary details

God created man and rested on the seventh day. And man created single mothers and not resting anytime soon. I can see here another plan to add to the population of single mothers.

You known them both. Sisi hatuwajui! It’s up to you to decide. You only know what you need in a wife…sio sisi kukuambia!

I take responsibility

i want your opinions, i narrowed down all gals and i’m down to this two otherwise i won’t be asking

Ok. Then if you really want a kid choose the one who will raise the kid well. Or who will raise the family. Mambo ya mileage is all about initial ego or pride. A car without mileage is good but after sometime it will cover so many miles after being driven by not only you but several people. After say 5years the 23 can be worse than the 25.

And if you are very passionate about risk management, then the best route is not to page any, instead, live single coz nowadays things are bad.

Go for the one with bigger breasts. 20 or 23 ni same

Thanks, but i do want a kid

Umeambiwa,uwache kuuliza maswali za upuss. If you were adult enough you’d not be asking such questions hence my assumption and unecessary details. Ukisha komaa then such dilemas do not become questions,you solve them. Are we tugeza. Please dont fertilize any eggs and create more problems

That you are asking this question means you are likely not sure. Avoid.

Never consult a woman on anything …they DON’T know what they want …if you have decided you want to page her, just fuck her raw na umwage ndani litres tatu

Pea wote wawili mimba so that guys like @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii wakose pa kuenda.