Should I Judge?.Is He a Beta?

Last weekend, I visited my old mzee…a real oath taker fighting for ‘ithaka citu’ from colonialists. In fact he was taken to ‘kiugo’ for offering logistics of stolen guns. Enough of grandpa.
During the short visit, I noticed 3 unfamiliar young faces in the compound. Shortly my Uncle came and insisted to introduce them to me. Kumbe his church- married estranged wife had decided to return after a decade with kids. Alienda tu bila notice. My suspicion is wazazi walikuwa wanadai mahari.
Here’s the twist, first born son is his, the second son it’s allegedly his. And the last born daughter, definitely not his. And in that decade gap, uncle had wifed a single mom, bore two kids then she left him kimatharao… Walimuacha juu hakuwa na kakitu.Lakini he focused on growing his hustles na zimeanza to thrive.
I spoke with the first born son and I could feel his desire to be with his father which was emotional for me a bit.I feel like the wife became a kunguru out there and the return was hasty.
Now, if the second wife(not legally married) arudi, what would happen? What about the daughter not his…? The single mother’s son…not his?
Maybe Uncle just want peaceful home where people care for you. Is this being a Beta?
No one want his seeds being the non-starters of any society. Does focusing on creating a home for success of your generation makes one a Beta?..

:D:D:D:D:D:D wacha kutetea betachieth, sasa zimeanza ku thrive amekubali ghassia ilimtoka irudi, he should have chased the witch and kept his DNA confirmed kids and the girl who is not his too for future SPECULATION purposes , ndume foreign iende na the witch .

but beta ni beta tuuuu , wacha ameze streelwire adedi.

Tutasema Mara ngapi,you are a parent if DNA test results show you are a parent. Never accept bullshit from women ,ata kama " amekuzalia " mtoto.

Mwanamke hakuzalii mtoto. Anajizalia mtoto. Any kid you have, take care of it and its mother, but just know your kid is first the mother’s kid, then it is your kid. You will always be number two. Hii story ya ati “nimekuzalia” is fake news.

Amewakubali…hata hao wengine wakirudi awakubali. I know so many cases in my ocha of women that came back after 1 million years. And they all age gracefully.

But even if you judge, what changes?

You are okuyu?

Your biggest worry should be whether it runs in the family



Be kind on the the family lineage.
Ama ilianza na Babu?

It’s a first.
Hata Babu had well known wild seeds but si mambo ya kurudi. uncle ni wale watu rough…liwe liwalo type…nilishangaa sana… naona ni kama ata wafurusha ama ajitoe polepole…I foresee rough times For the boys if they don’t advance themselves intellectually.

Nothing is permanent. Today they could be in the trenches and tomorrow soaring. I wish them the best

I’ve seen this happening severally in shaggz. I don’t understand it. The best thing is to ask your grandpa about our customs in regards to it.