Should I buy a new motorcycle(apache, kuga, benelli) @ KSH 280K (MAX budget) or an old locally used car(starlet, 110, 100)???....Help me decide.

wachana na io maneno, nunua gari

Buy a car. Period. With 250 - 350k you can get a decent 90s car thats cheap to maintain like AE92 or Ae101.

Motorbike is a no. One minor accident na ww ni quadriplegic. And i believe anyone who has driven a car for a few years has had a minor accident. Wacha fendor ibondeke badala ya spinal cord

You’ve solid friends mjamaa, don’t let them down by ending up a skid mark

I’m actually getting back to riding but Thika Road is full of madmen

Buy motorbike and die like a man

Tununue mpya ama?

You can do all that and one flick by a mathree will send you to the creator or mankind.

Yeah, loan unalipa na five years hata kama ni ten k per month.

280k ni 1866 shots za 150

:D:D 1866÷7 (as per ktalk standards) and holding other factors constant, that translates to 267 days assuming ni dose ya 7×1.
This means that atakuwa ananukisha rubber almost on a daily basis excluding Sundays (sabbath day must be kept holy)…

Pesa inashika Ka ploti pale machakos

Most likely Toyota sprinter 1500cc (1997 YOM) that was the last good model before they messed it up. The 98-2000 models are crap and have issues. Anyway ni gari ya kushikilia ni jipange maisha and gain confidence of the road then in the next one year hopefully 2023 mid-year niupgrade.

Kama si Haojue usinunue bike

TVS RTR 160 and Benelli TNT are much better in terms of parts and maintenance.

Don’t get a bike.

I used to ride the big bikes (1000cc) but stopped. Lost too many friends in the last 3 years. I never used to listen to people telling me to quit until I figured it’s just a matter of time before I’m next

PikiPiki itakumaliza ndugu yangu. Kumbuka all hospitals across Kenya wako na Ward Ya Motorbike Accident or Jopeng Ward or Nduthi Ward. Now to me, naweza sema Tafuta a good Toyota Car that is buy and drive. Ile gari nzuri to KAM etc or KAQ etc. Pimp iyo gari vizuri saana and maintain it with good service and spares. Hautaregret. lakini nduthi hapo naona unapunguza lifespan

Do you mean the Datsun or Nissan PickUp Kadudu???[ATTACH=full]435323[/ATTACH]

Take my advise with a pinch of salt. I dont own a car.

Si a second hand, low budget car ni red flag. Utakuwa unafika hapo safaripark, you stall.

Maintainance, repairs, parts, etc. You might find yourself using matatus more than you like



Slap a Yoshimura because loud pipes save lives…

those who own pick ups… unaweka a bundle of 50 bob notes for everytime a traffic D- material spots you…
looking for a clean 1200 pick up btw…