Should I buy a new motorcycle(apache, kuga, benelli) @ KSH 280K (MAX budget) or an old locally used car(starlet, 110, 100)???....Help me decide.

Am in my mid-20s and I need some form of transport from Kahawa Sukari to Town and occasionally once or twice a month to my parents home in Nyeri. I know how to ride a motorcycle and that’s what am leaning towards, but some colleagues at work are selling me fear by sending me NTSA motorcycle accident reports on whatapp daily.
What are your thoughts on locally used cars?

I was in a similar dilemma. Shida ya kenya ni drivers ua hawaheshimu riders.

I know a few people who have lost thier lives. Just this month hapa outer ring kuna mse alichotwa akiride R6. Hadi pillion hakusurvive.

But then again, I believe kama si siku yako, you’ll live to see another day. How many people hawaride na bado wanakufa? Labda kifo yako itakupata from other causes, labda hata train/ndege/cholera… you get the drift. Usiishi na uoga.

Nonetheless, if you decide to go that route, get full gear. Na helmet usinunue zile bakuli za yellow. Get one that is dot certified.

I settled for a car.

A bike is a big no.

Thika road itakumaliza…with a bike your body is exposed and knowing how many untrained drivers we have on the road, it will be risky. If it was the outskirts of Nairobi, a bike would be great…for now chukua gari.

Our roads will kill you no matter what you drive but a car is better for safety and utility. If your parents give you a bunch of bananas or a chicken utazifunga juu ya Benelli?

Hio pesa kuja tukunywe hapa harry tavern tukingoja bei ya electric car zishuke. Thank me later.:D:D:D

Toyo 100

A small pick up is the best value na hio budget yako,you can use it ,lease it or hire it giving you maximum return on investment

Fisked .

The worst thing about bikes is not even death. Some serious injuries that will render you useless. Yaani unaumia backbone hadi huwezi enda kwa choo kukunia. lazima mtu akupeleke. Anyway, Nairobi is not an ideal place for motorbikes. @SSD_sitonymemoh uko na mtu wa kuchunga wewe in case of an accident?

kuga 150 will do 45km to 1 liter, kahawa sukari to town and back =1 liter.
alot contributes to accidents on the road and you need to go to riding school, get proper gear ATGATT (ECE helmet, padded reflective jacket, knee guards, gloves na boots) always juu chini, make sure your bike is well maintained and you are 100% sober, scanning your mirrors and escape routes
safety is your responsibility not other users on the road. these you will pick up from riding school and make friends with experienced bikers, learn from them.

Epumbi was riding a kawi zx6r. he ‘may’ have hit the pavement before fully exiting the service lane, place is poorly lit. sikua hapo… i hope alikua asha smash, not rushing to…

Thank you for this advice i’ll consider a small pickup.

Thank you all for your advice i’ll settle for a car slightly under 400k budget. Truth be told I’ve ridden a motorcycle on Thika rd. at night at it was like playing Russian Roullete dodging Kenya Uwa (Mpya) drunk drivers.

I’d be damned if this was the cause of his demise.

You do ride, sindio? Hizo gears umetaja are a little bit too specific.

A car. Lipa deni pole pole. Used car aka mtumba za Kenya achana nazo labda uwe unataka kuwa mechanic. Otherwise use public means…nduthi = Early death

I used to ride from Thika to Nairobi in 2019. Safety begins with the rider. Ride with a civility, don’t race with motor vehicles, be In Control of your speed and use the side mirrors all the time, utafika salama.

hio car ndio gani @SSD_sitonymemoh ya under 400k

Nissan Bluebird inaweza patikana na ito bei in good conditions though shida ya rubber sasa ndo itakua

i have a negative perception towards second hand Nissan cars… niliona vyenye ilifanyia beshte yangu nikaogopa

Get a motorcycle and learn defensive riding skills. Get full gear as well. Be very visible and audible to motorists (lights on, hooting)

You’ll save on fuel, maintenance and time getting stuck in nairobi jams. Above all avoid road rage and give way as much as possible