Should Christians be cremated?

I lost a close relative. His dying wish was to be cremated. It doesn’t sit well with me, he was a Christian. My fellow Christians what is your take on the current trend of Christians being cremated? Personally, I don’t think that it’s biblical due to its pagan origins. What are your thoughts? As a Christian? To be honest, if my next of kins lash wish was to be cremated I would go against those wishes and have them buried. That is how much I am against cremation. The body we live in is so sacred that in Judaism, you can not even be buried with tattoos, they’re removed before burial. Doing anything untoward to the body while alive such as the common trends of tattoos, piercings all over the body, Brazilian butt lifts, breast enlargements and cosmetic plastic surgery is to me an aberration of God’s temple. The concept of the human body as the temple of the Holy Spirit unfortunately has not sunk in for most believers. People think that it’s only about sexual immorality and by the by I used to think so to. Infact it’s also about what you eat, drink, exercise,hygiene and the environment you expose your body to and see, hear, read and ingest including drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and food that is not nutritious aka junk food . These are the gates to your soul and ultimately your spirit. It’s the understanding that your body like everything else you have or get in life belongs to God and you are merely a steward. Even how you dress. Remembering that you are always in the presence of the King of kings and as a Christian you are an ambassador of the Lord of Lords.Afterall, God is omnipresent. In Psalms 139 which is the only Bible Chapter I can recite off head is how much I love it, it says where can I flee Your presence or where can I hide from Your face? If I fly to the Heavens You are there, if I lie in the grave You are there. If I take the wings of the dawn and dwell at the seas furthest end, even there Your hand will lead me, Your right hand will hold me fast, if I say, let the darkness hide me and the light around me be night even darkness isn’t dark for You and the night is as clear as the day. If you know you wouldn’t wear certain clothes to go see the president or the pope, then you should never wear them at all because you are always in the presence of the King, not a kawaida King but THE King of Kings and the Eternal King who can not be ngatuliwad by the constitution or elections. God is always with you especially if you are called by His Holy Name. Not only that but that if you are a born again believer you are a child of God, as the Bible says in Roman’s 8 15 , for you have not received the spirit of slavery again to fall back to fear but you have received the spirit of adoption to sonship, by which we cry, Abba Father. Yaani you are a daughter or Son of THE King of Kings. If Queen Elizabeth can’t wear a mini skirt and tight clothes, then neither can you. If you have no idea how royalty dress Google any monarchy, I can assure you that you won’t find any indecent clothes there. Further the Bible in Revelation 1:5-6 says, Jesus Christ is the faithful witness to these things, the first to rise from the dead, and the ruler of all the kings of the world. All glory to him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by shedding his blood for us. Jesus has made us are Priests and Kings unto The Father , so would a priest wear what you wear, the jewelery, the hairstyle? Would a King or Queen wear the shoes you wear, the makeup you wear? Would a Temple have graffiti drawn all over it team tattoos are not a sin and God looks at the heart He doesn’t care about your tatoos? But I digress. I am trying to put my opinion rather position on thus issue of cremation supported by the Bible. If you are an atheist this post isn’t for you please. Believers only.

Sijasoma and I don’t root my beliefs to foreign deities, hi mambo ya biblia na quran haiambatani na maadili ya muafrica

if the bodies we will don in the after life will be different and we will not have memories of our previous life, then why should we worry about our current bodies when we die?
unless their is something someone isn’t telling us.

and its really sad that we are always worried about tattoos, dress code, the afterlife, more than how we treat each other here on earth.

I strongly believe in granting and honouring a persons dieing wish.

I believe its good to honour the wish of the person. I also believe there is nothing wrong with cremation, once you die your spirit leaves your body and it basically remains a shell/useless and it rots. Also remember there are other christians who were persecuted and had their bodies burned .

Which Bible said, you will not have memories of your previous life? Doesn’t the Bible say, your deeds will follow you, how will that happen if you have no memory? Didn’t Lazarus and the rich man remember each other? Meaning you even look the same way you looked on earth. How else would you be recognizable? The rich man remembered his godless brothers even and wanted them to be warned so that they would not end up in hell like him.

You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself hence the commandment love your neighbors as yourself. Also your relationship with God is what gives you good relationship with others hence the verse when a man is blameless before God he will find favor even in his enemies. It all starts with God and you.

so what happens is those who go to Heaven have the bad memories erased and those to Hell, the good memories?

so what happens to those who were burnt beyond recognition and not Necessarily through cremation?

You don’t have to have anything erased. It’s just that the bad feelings that those bad memories are overwritten or drowned out by what you have going on. Heaven has a couple of similarities with life on earth. For example when you love someone and they die, you cry all day then after some time it’s once a month and then you stop crying, now when you think about them you smile even. Did the memories of your loss change? How you feel is what changed not the memories. If you were in perfect health then a year later you get ill, do you really remember your life when you were healthy? Your suffering eclipses the memories of your good health. Same thing in heaven or hell. Whatever is happening in the moment which will actually be an eternity will eclipse everything else that came before it.

I have no clue about those who were burnt. I know we will get new celestial bodies but they will resemble our earthly bodies otherwise it will be hard to identify each other.

These Heaven and Hell thing is a wait and see for me.
but am more inclined towards cremation for now. (fewer expenses to those left alive)

This should be upto one’s last wishes.

What expense? Ever wonder why people are very generous when it comes to funerals? Expense is nothing when it’s paying last respects.

The common Christian burial prayer says "from dust to dust ,ashes to ashes " find out the process of getting Ashes , your answer is there.

Funerals are for the living. For me, I will not honor such wishes. If you want to be cremated so badly , resurrect and cremate yourself then.

Peanaga summary …anyway mtu akishakufa why should they be killed again? Mimi sipendi hii idea ya kuchoma mtu, wacha mtu azikwe

Vijana tuache mihadarati short attention span is a consequence.

Wewe hakuna siku utasema anything positive kwangu, kwanza uko wapi nikuchome moja. Nika na Ethiopian Purple ilifika last week. One puff unajipata cosmic world

I’m high naturally, kama hata wine siezi kunywa hata glass moja with out feeling poisoned, heartburn and just sick, unaona bhangi ikinipelekaje? I may meet my ancestors.

There is something that just feels wrong about burning bodies, even without refering to any faith. Ok, the person is dead, but still the body is what we can see, and if we were to suspend every belief and talk of the soul, which no one has ever seen, the person is the body. So, in a very practical sense, cremating is burning a person. Personally I have a stubborn conscience that doesn’t permit me to allow it. It feels wicked.